April 11, 2015
Made in NY Media Center by IFP
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We all know that good TV is back, and the episodic model has taken over the web, evolved platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and brought on binge viewing. So, has the structure of an episode changed with all this? And, does a great web series always make a great TV show? How do you know if your pet project’s episodes should be 5 minutes or 22? Hear from those that are making short and even shorter series – and doing it well.

Panelists: Damon Cardasis, creator, Vicky & Lysander; Ingrid Jungermann, creator, F to 7th and The Slope; Shukree Tilghman, director More than a Month & writer, Satisfaction (USA Network); Sean Weiner, co-director, UCB‘s Brinkman; Philip Gilpin, Executive Director, ITVFest (moderator)

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They tell you to do what you love and the money will follow; but you can’t just wait for that to happen. Hear from the curators, agents and advisors about all the revenue streams that may be open to you – from optioning the script to pay per view streaming.

Panelists: Chris Galletta, writer, Kings of Summer; Peter Gerard, Director of Audience Development and Content Operations, VimeoUrsula Lawrence, Lead Strategic Organizer, Writers Guild of America, EastEva Vives, Writer, Raising Victor Vargas; James R. Janowsky, Writer, Film Professor (moderator)

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Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry following the same big studio and little indies model as film. The cinematic feel continues on screen, with great story driving many of the most interesting games – it’s become yet another outlet for writers’ ideas – and sometimes without the hindrances of effects budgets – or the laws of physics. Hear how stories translate to first person RPGs or experiential social issue challenges from writers who crossed over into games from more traditional media.


PanelistsCaitlin Burns, Transmedia Producer (moderator); Barton Bishop, Narrative Director, GameloftSande Chen, Writer and Game Designer, The Witcher; Alex Toplansky, Senior Writer, Deep Silver Volition

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