Dedicated Business Development Support

Our Community Engagement team is on hand to assist you in the development of your project or company by:

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  • Ongoing strategic consultations

  • Curated introductions


Our Experts-in-Residence provide one-on-one monthly office hours and provide counsel and feedback in areas including legal, accounting, mobile strategy, interactive video, app development and social impact strategy. These include:

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Demo Day Participation

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP’s Demo Day is our flagship Incubator program and the culmination of a month long training program designed to provide members with the opportunity to present their Company or Project to a curated audience of VCs, entrepreneurs, creative directors, brands, potential partners, and clients. The Media Center Demo Day showcases both established and first time entrepreneurs, innovating at the intersection of story + tech following an intensive training and mentorship program. For more information on the program, click here.


Our Artists-in-Residence work from our Incubator to create new work, mentor fellow members and lead public programs to showcase their previous and future projects. Former artists include Questlove (The Roots, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), Mesh Flinders (filmmaker and web pioneer, Lonelygirl15), Nelson George (music critic, author, journalist and filmmaker), Lance Weiler (experience designer, transmedia thought leader), Atley Loughridge (transmedia artist, Reboot Stories, Lyka’s Adventure), Ritesh Batra (filmmaker, The Lunchbox) Matthew Porterfield (filmmaker, Putty Hill).

Facilitated Collaboration

Free Member Monday Screenings
A private weekly screening series allowing Media Center Members and IFP program alumni to show their films for free in the Media Center Theater to a private audience of their choice. These screenings provide our community with the opportunity for a pre-festival tech check or rough cut feedback screening, a cast and crew or other promotional screening in advance of launch.

Lunch and Learn
Lunch and Learn session are often led by Experts-in-Residence, and provide general overviews of topics spanning legal negotiating, 101 of freelance accounting, working with VCs, and most recently, the art and craft of professional networking.

Member Study Groups
These monthly groups facilitated by Media Center Staff, connect members who are facing similar challenges and successes to share knowledge and create a supportive ecosystem.

Member Lunches and Happy Hours
An informal occasion for our members to take a break and meet each other.

Magnified: A Discussion Series

Magnified introduces new and innovative companies to the extended Media Center community. The series brings in company executives to talk about the focus of their work and the resources they can provide to creative media makers. It allows audiences access to new opportunities for collaboration, and increased knowledge.

Past Magnified events have featured:

United Nations Creative Community Outreach Initiative (UN CCOI), the liaison between the UN for the international entertainment industry, and facilitating access to the extensive collection of UN archival film and photos, which is available for free.

Warrior Poets, Morgan Spurlock’s (Super Size Me) production company, giving an insider guide to television development and on creating content in for the digital landscape.

Astronauts Wanted. *No Experience Necessary… a new model content brand built for the emerging mobile-first audience on targeting content for Millennials and Gen Zs.

VectorForm, an inventor of digital products and experiences speaking on integrated technology into the storytelling process

Master Classes

A series of workshops with top-level filmmakers – writers, directors, and producers - as well as vital below-the-line-crew: cinematographers, editors, sound designers, and production designers. Workshops are focused on a single film in the creators’ oeuvre, and after the film is shown, the filmmaker gives a conversational lecture on the making of this and other works, their influences and inspirations. Master classes include a lunch or reception, and provide audiences with rare behind-the-scenes experiences from high caliber creative auteurs behind some of the best-known American independent films.

Mentorship Program

Mentorship is key to the growth and success of our incubator teams and projects. Our team finds bespoke mentors for each of our members based on their business needs and challenges.