Demo Day

Demo Day Program

Congratulations to VR AXS Map, our Demo Day Audience Winner!

Today our theater hosted pitches by Empathetic Media, Gamechat, Throwing Fruit, Codex Press and VR AXS Map. At the end of the Pitch Panel, the audience voted for their favorite pitch in the Audience Choice Awards. Through a tight competition, the winner was VR AXS Map. Thank you to everybody who joined us! Don’t miss our next Demo Day, coming up during the fall.


Fran Hauser
Partner, Rothenberg Ventures

Matthew Hooper
VP – Open Innovation, Barclays and Head of Rise NY

Jason Abbruzzese
Business Reporter, Mashable


Empathetic Media
Empathetic Media aims to engage the next generation of audiences through a transmedia approach to immersive storytelling. We combine Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Graphic Journalism to give users a firsthand experience of a wide range of stories (from news to education) as well as the backstory they need to understand the wider context.Gamechat
In an environment where thousands of new games are released each year, the average hardcore gamer owns about 3.8 platforms, plays 13 hours a week and spends over 3 hours a week communicating online. Gamechat is a messaging platform, which empowers gamers to create and manage a community of their friends.Throwing Fruit
Throwing Fruit is a next generation media network empowering content creators the ability to broadcast themselves via mobile and connected applications.Codex Press
Codex Press is a platform for journalism, designed to make reading easier on screens and mix text with multimediaVR AXS Map
VR AXS Map is a crowdsourcing platform to find, rate and share accessible spaces. AXS Map and Evolving Technologies Corporation are collaborating to bring VR and immersive video into VR AXS Map so it can be used as a tool to better evaluate a venue’s accessibility.

Opening Remarks:

Julie Menin
Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME)Julie Menin is the Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME), an agency which oversees a key sector in New York City’s economy and brings economic development to neighborhoods across all five boroughs. The agency is comprised of the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting and NYC Media. The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting serves as a one-stop shop for the entertainment industry, a sector that contributes nearly $9 billion to the City of New York’s economy and employs over 130,000 New Yorkers. With Menin’s appointment in February 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio expanded the agency to encompass the full scope of the industry, including music, advertising, publishing, digital media and real estate as it relates to the creation of creative content. The agency also oversees NYC Media, a division responsible for managing and programming all of the media assets for the City of New York, which includes a television broadcast network reaching over 18 million people, a radio station and six local cable stations.
Maria Torres-Springer
President and CEO, New York City Economic Development CorporationMaria Torres-Springer is the President and CEO of the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), leading NYCEDC’s efforts to make New York City the global model for inclusive innovation and economic growth, fueled by the diversity of its people and businesses.Prior to her appointment as President of NYCEDC, Maria served as Commissioner of the New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS). Before being appointed Commissioner of SBS, Maria served as the Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff at NYCEDC. Maria also served as a Senior Policy Advisor at the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development & Rebuilding and as the Chief Operating Officer of Friends of the Highline.Maria received a B.A. in Ethics, Politics and Economics from Yale University and a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters.
Minerva Tantoco
Chief Technology Officer, City of New YorkMs. Minerva Tantoco is the first-ever Chief Technology Officer for the City of New York. With 30 years in technology, she started her first software company in 1985, and recently served as CTO of global financial services firm UBS and Merrill Lynch. Ms. Tantoco is a strong advocate for encouraging more women to become involved with technology, and believes that technology can be used to spread knowledge and improve education, especially in underserved communities, and that artificial intelligence applied to the massively growing amount of systems, data, and interconnections offers capabilities of which we have yet to dream.

For more information on the program, click here.

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Made in NY Media Center by IFP Fall 2015 Demo Day

FALL 2015

This most recent Demo Day, we celebrated our second year anniversary here at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP. The Media Center bustled with energy as we heard pitches from ShareRight, The Detox Baby, Evolving Technologies Corporation, Emerging Market Views, Production Pro, Guerilla Science and Socius. Afterwards, at the Demo Day Marketplace, ProductionPro took the Audience Choice Award. To take a look at a recap of the event, click here.


Babur Habib
Tech Entrepreneur

Tanya Prive
Co-founder & CEO of OneVest

Shawn Cheng
Partner/VC of Vayner/RSE


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Made in NY Media Center by IFP Spring 2015 Demo Day


In the spring 2015 iteration of Made in NY Media Center by IFP’s Demo Day, the pitching teams shared the stage with Marc Schiller, Founder & CEO of Bond Strategy and Influence, Jed Weinthrob, VP & Head of Production for Conde Nast, and Liz Wald, VP of Technology & Design for Indiegogo.

SurfLabs took the Audience Choice Award, but with fierce competition from Automatic Studios, Pionear, kMusic Box, Storied Myth, and Film Analytics. To take a look at a recap of the event, click here.


Liz Wald
VP of Technology & Design

Marc Schiller
Founder & CEO
BOND Strategy and Influence

Jed Weintrob
VP/Head of Production
Condé Nast Entertainment


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Demo Day?
The Demo Day Program is a three month program, during which 5 (or more) selected teams work with advisors in order to develop their company or project pitch. The program concludes with a Demo Day event.

What happens at the Demo Day event?
The Demo Day event consists of a Pitch Panel, where the selected demo day teams present their projects in front of a curated audience and a three-person panel. The Panel provides feedback to each team, directly after their pitch. Following the pitches, the Marketplace tradeshow is an opportunity to all Media Center Incubator members to expo their project and companies in a more casual atmosphere.

What kind of advisors support the teams during the Demo Day training program?
Each team is assigned two types of advisors: a Mentor, who supports the team with their business strategy and growth, and an Art of Pitch Expert, who advises on their pitch presentation.

Who have you had as Advisors before?
In the past, we have had executives from McCann, Hearst, Verizon, Brooklyn United, Etsy, Accedo, and many more.

Do you need to be a Media Center member in order to participate in Demo Day?
No. With each Demo Day installment, the Media Center opens the opportunity to a number of teams, working outside the Media Center walls to pitch at Demo Day for a fee. However, the Demo Day program (meaning a dedicated Mentor and Art of Pitch Expert over the three month period) is exclusively available for Media Center members.

How do I apply for Demo Day if I am a member?
You can apply here.

How do I apply for Demo Day if I am not a member?
You can apply here.

How can I get involved in the Demo Day Training Program?
To get involved, please email our Community Engagement team.

How can I attend Demo Day?
Demo Day attendance is by invitation only. If you would like to attend any of the events on that day, please contact our Community Engagement team.

How is the Pitch Panel audience being selected?
The Demo Day Pitch Panel audience is determined by the needs of the pitching companies and project. The Demo Day program, like every other program we offer at the Media Center, is highly customizable to the needs of each founder. Therefore, we curate the audience with each team’s best interest in mind.

How long is the Marketplace reception?
The Marketplace opens for two hours after the Pitch Panel.

How long are the pitches?
Each founder has six (6) minutes to pitch their company or project.

Is the Pitch Panel a “shark tank”?
Not at all. The feedback provided by the Panelists on the stage is amicable and designed to help the teams relate their vision to the audience.

Is there press at this event?

How often does the Demo day event occur?
Demo Day occurs bi-annually, meaning twice per year.