Game Pitch Night

Special Event
Theater 7–9:30pm
  • Regular $25
  • Media Center Members $15


Roll the dice and join us for our very first Game Pitch Night!

After the success of our Podcast Pitch Night (November 2017) and our third annual VR Pitch Night (March 2018), we're thrilled to announce a new edition of our rollicking Pitch Night events, this time devote to all things games and gaming!

See the next wave of game creators show off their DIY work with entertaining pitches, and stick around for food and drinks, networking with fellow game creators and lovers – and Blinks is bringing some sets to play with!


  • 7:00 – 8:00 PM: The Pitches (Theater)
  • 8:00 – 9:30 PM: Reception + Blinks (Lounge)


Five amazing, DIY game projects will be selected by the Made in NY Media Center by IFP staff to present a five minute-long pitch to a panel of industry judges, and to our live audience.



Dead Friend is a collaborative storytelling game for two players, who roleplay as a necromancer and a ghost. Using Tarot cards to determine story prompts, players ask and answer questions to develop the characters, their community, their history, and the motivations for their final conflict. The script follows the dramatic structure of a necromancy ritual, and players use the spellbook of instructions throughout the entire game like a witch reading spells from an ancient grimoire.

Game Design: Lucian Kahn
Layout: Miriam Nadler
Cover Art: Toby Elias

Website (for pdf ashcan edition):


Pluck Off! is a plucky, adult party game that takes Go Fish to the next level. In this engaging parody of city life, pigeons rule the roost and players win by helping them find nestmates. But players and pigeons must watch their tail feathers, because there are Urban Vermin action cards like Trash Pandas and Pizza Rats who are out to pluck up their big city dreams. 

By Emily and Matthew Escovar, OtterLabs LLC

Website: https://pluckoffgame.com/


Trapped on a slowly decompressing space station, three technicians must save themselves by repairing the station's deadly AI. 
Fatal Error is an asymmetrical board game pitting three players playing as technicians tasked with saving the ship, against one player who plays the Overseer, the station's malfunctioning AI.
With the Overseer placing traps on an ever-changing game board, technicians must carefully work together to deactivate the Overseer– because even one wrong move can be fatal.

The Fatal Error Team: Oliver Hong, Kristina Atanasoski, Isabella Djurovic, Keyan Zhang

Twitter: @FatalErrorGame
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FatalErrorTheGame/


Bizarre Barber is a fast-paced, VR action game that lets players become an underground barber, providing stylish haircuts for an eccentric, out-of-this-world clientele. The only catch is. . . instead of a traditional barber shop, you offer your services in very bizarre places: a busy subway station, a zoo, a beach and even an open space! The game development was supported by Play NYC 2018.

By Maria Mishurenko and Gordey Chernyy

Website: www.mishurenko.me


Never To Return is a viciously cutthroat game with a paper-thin veneer of cooperation, for 2-5 players. Play as a group of renaissance/medieval era villagers trapped in a malicious wood, attempting to escape with their lives and sanity intact.  Contend with treacherous terrain, terrible monsters and each other as you struggle to flee this terrible place.  In the end, only one shall escape. . . and the rest will be eaten.  Which will you be?  

By Patrick Tsao, Maskmaker Productions

Website: nevertoreturngame.com


Anya Combs is the Senior Games Outreach person at Kickstarter. She has been in the digital games space for over a decade, overseeing multiple mobile and online titles launched for Nickelodeon & AddictingGames, and has worked with countless game creators launching successful projects on Kickstarter. She is excited to continue supporting game devs as they bring their creative projects to life.  

James Seetal is the Co-Chair for the International Game Developers Association's NYC chapter. He has worked in the video game industry and digital training interactive space for over 19 years. A majority of his career has been spent on countless projects for multiple companies and working on everything from 1st & 3rd party commercial games, government contracted serious games, educational software, and licensed properties for Spike TV, The History Channel, Star Wars, Nickelodeon, and AMC Network.

James now serves as Co-Chair for the IGDA's NYC chapter, works in the VR gamification space by day, and in his free time, develops on his own indie game projects as owner and creator of Saturday Morning Games (now available on Kickstarter).

Noelle Posadas is an international gold medal winning game designer currently at Killer Snails. Her most recent game, Biome Builder, won a gold medal at Serious Play and was the Best Family Tabletop Game at Boston FIG 2017. Noelle has worked in game development for 7 years with clients such as the New York Hall of Science and Sesame Street.  She has given talks and taught classes on game design for places such as spek?r[s] @PrattManhattan and Playcrafting, and served as a judge for Indiecade. By engaging with the New York game development community Noelle hopes to help up and coming game designers find their creative voice. Noelle graduated from the Pratt Institute where she studied Illustration and Design.

Navid Khonsari, Founder of iNK Stories

Jury Prize includes: Three (3) months of discounted membership, mentorship opportunities and networking opportunities from and with Media Center gaming professionals; One (1) mentorship session with Anya Combs of Kickstarter; One (1) spotlight in the Partner News section of IGDA NYC's monthly newsletter; and one (1) hour-long mentorship session with James Seetal of IGDA NYC.

Audience Choice Award includes: One (1) hour-long private coaching session that includes playtesting and feedback as well as information on production, such as resources on manufacturing, importing and pricing with Jessica Ochoa Hendrix and Noelle Posadas of Killer Snails. 


After the pitches, we'll celebrate! 
Food and drinks included with the price of ticket. 


Projects will be selected to pitch, and evaluated for prizes, based on:

  • Innovative and interesting concept and approach
  • Clearly defined objective(s) and rules, understood in brief and in detail
  • Creative approach to artwork, production values, etc.
  • Fun and sense of theme/purpose, i.e. “Why should anyone play this game?”

We welcome game projects of all kinds: we’re open to game apps, tabletop games, experiential games, video games… or concepts that are story-driven, abstract, strategy-based, games of chance, individual player, multi-player… There are no restrictions on specific content or form, so long as it’s engaging, clear to understand, and (of course!) has a strong element of fun.

Ideally, projects should be in development and close to complete, but not yet finished. Submissions must send supporting materials to help selection committee (and, if selected, our jury and audience) visualize your projects and understand the rules/mechanics of the game in the most direct terms possible. We can accept concept artwork, pitch decks, visual treatments, and even demos if accessible online. We CANNOT accept in-person deliveries of materials.

Any questions about submission materials may be directed to Bill Curran, Programming Producer, at bcurran@nymediacenter.com.

While both our selection committee and our jury will keep an eye out for noteworthy, clean production values and artwork (where applicable), submissions need not be completely polished at this stage. Ultimately, fun content, creativity, and clearly defined mechanics are the top criteria.

If selected, projects will be asked to prepare a short, visual pitch deck for the Pitch Night. Pitch decks may include audio samples and video clips/trailer. All pitches must be five minutes in length.

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