the bliss of metamorphing collapse.

Gallery 6–10pm
  • Regular FREE

The Made in NY Media Center is proud to present the bliss of metamorphing collapse., a new show by Pussykrew featuring video installation, a VR experience, and 3D-printed sculptures.


Pussykrew are trying to re-imagine the future post-human landscape, new living beings, and their ecosystem. This multidimensional work is designed to explore speculative life forms that exist within a networked consciousness, beyond synthetic/organic conditions – these fluid entities transcend traditional hierarchical, binary systems. The artists are summoning the audience into the hybrid universe where newly evolved gender-free organisms became the augmented hybrids of a body, technology, nature, and the sentient sense of the past. Pussykrew are using real-time animation and VR sculpting tools to create new supernatural sceneries. 


the bliss of metamorphing collapse. is a continuation of Pussykrew’s work with sensual CGI storylines and immersive environments.



About Pussykrew

Ewelina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas are Polish immersive media artists and video directors working under the moniker Pussykrew. Creating multimedia installations, audio- visual experiences and sculptures, Pussykrew explores spaces in between digital and physical realms blending fluid identities and futuristic landscapes through experimentation with 3D animation and 3D scanning. Their fascination for virtual environments and physical experiences motivates them to play with deconstructed digital images and cinematic poetry, using the traditional language of painting. By merging with these various planes of reality, they create new forms that are constantly in the process of evolution.

Over the last decade, they have presented their work in over thirty countries while participating in various brand activations, international film festivals, gallery shows and tech fairs including Saatchi Gallery London, Berlin Art Week, Postmasters Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, European Media Art Festival / Transmediale / Women Make Waves, Taipei / Carnegie Museum of Art / New York Fashion Week and at the 3D Printshow in London, Paris and Berlin where they won the Artist of the Year Award.

Their most recent work for Adidas was awarded Gold and Silver Cannes Lion for an Applied Innovation. 

Pussykrew is currently a member of NEW INC, the art, technology and design incubator founded by the New Museum of New York, and an artist in residence at the Immersive Media Research Residency at Adobe.


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