Cutting Edge Documentary Distribution: Strategies & Tactics

Theater 7–9pm
  • Regular $15
  • Media Center Members $10

With the recent success of I Am Not Your NegroThree Identical StrangersFree Solo, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? and RBG, as well as the multi-million-dollar documentary sales at Sundance 2019, the question is: are we living in a Golden Age of documentary distribution?

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, May 15th as distribution strategists Peter Broderick and Keith Ochwat report from the frontier of documentary distribution. In this interactive talk, Peter and Keith will present filmmakers and documentary enthusiasts with an overview of the latest opportunities and challenges facing documentarians. They will:

  • Highlight state-of-the-art distribution strategies to build awareness, create partnerships, and engage core audiences.
  • Reveal the steps to maximize educational and institutional distribution, which can be the largest source of revenues for documentaries.
  • Review the lessons from Sundance 2019.
  • Recommend strategies for the 97% of filmmakers who submit to Sundance but are not chosen.

Peter Broderick has consulted on the distribution of over 1,400 films during the past 16 years. Keith Ochwat executed a successful hybrid distribution campaign for Age of Champions, reaching 3,000 communities and generating $1.5 million. Peter and Keith consult with filmmakers on distribution strategy and tactics to help them maximize audience, impact, and revenues.

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