WE Master Money: Credit

Classroom 3 10–1:30pm
  • Regular FREE

WE NYC and the Made in NY Media Center by IFP invite you to the WE Master Money: Credit workshop. This workshop is part of a series designed to help women entrepreneurs gain knowledge about credit building as a basis for improving personal finances and access to capital for one's business.

Learn how to improve your credit and its impact on your business through workshops and one-on-one sessions with a certified financial counselor.

Workshop topics include:

  • Credit building and repair

  • Credit amelioration

  • The relationship between personal credit and your business

  • How to interpret a credit report


For more information on the topics that will be covered in this class, you can access the curriculum in English or in Spanish.

If you have questions about this WE Connect Workshop or would like additional information about WE NYC, e-mail wenyc@sbs.nyc.gov or visit we.nyc.

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