Liminal Landscapes

Gallery 12–10pm
  • Regular FREE


Join us at the opening reception on 10/3 for free wine and beer, with the artist in attendance! RSVP here.

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is proud to present Liminal Landscapes, a new exhibition of multi-channel video work by artist Bernhard Fasenfest. Taking over the ultra-wide displays of the Media Center's gallery, Fasenfest takes images of pastoral groves and seaside cliffs and decomposes them, transforming everything into pulsating surfaces of colors.

Using multi-layered compositing techniques developed by the artist himself, videos are painted, stretched, twisted, and torn like fabric, bursting through one other into chromatic fields of pixels. Images are continuously morphed between two and three dimensions, swirling and collapsing, oscillating between the recognizable and the abstract. Panoramic vistas are re-made into hundreds of isolated pinpricks of shimmering light bouncing off one another, as turning pinwheels of color brighten and deaden, merge and diverge, soaring thrillingly in and out of the frame.



About the Artist

Bernhard Fasenfest's works range across many genres and techniques— flicker films, live-action anthropological investigations, found-footage compilations, dizzying abstract studies and carefully ordered sequences of stills, one per frame—yet still seems possessed of a single, unified vision. Fasenfest’s goal is, on one level, to channel the spirit of American avant-garde cinema’s twentieth century icons—Brakhage, Sharits, Smith, Cornell—through the lens of twenty-first century technology. On another level, it’s to blur the boundaries between the senses and break down traditional avenues of viewing: the theater and the gallery, two- and three-dimensional spaces, the camera's eye and the human eye. Fasenfest lives and works in New York City.



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