Womxn Owning It Virtual Fireside Chat: Owning It By Monetizing Your Work

Virtual Online 5–6pm
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Womxn Owning It is a program series designed to celebrate female-identifying creators and creative entrepreneurs breaking down boundaries in the media + tech industries. 

Leveraging your community to build a loyal audience to grow income for your business or project has never been more prevalent than now. Join us for a Womxn Owning It Virtual Fireside Chat with Alex Wolf of Creative Business School who will share tips and insight on how to monetize your work as a creative entrepreneur and the importance of building your audience. The event will take place on Thursday, May 28th at 5 PM via Zoom.  We encourage you to check out our interview with Alex on our blog here.

Alex Wolf, Creative Business School Bio

Alex Wolf is an award-winning creative entrepreneur and tech-influencer. She’s been named as "Fast Company's Top 100 Most Creative People in Business," "Adweek's Top 20 Influencers Who Radiate Creativity + Get Everyone Talking," and "Inc magazines Top Creative Entrepreneurs In Marketing and Media." She’s been recognized as an icon and future thought-leader from executives at Snapchat to artists like Janelle Monae.

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