KenKen GS Suite - Opening Reception

Special Event
Gallery 6–8pm
  • Regular FREE


Free wine and beer from 6-8pm, with the artist in attendance!

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is proud to present KenKen GS Suite, a collection of new and recent works by Brooklyn-based artist and composer David Galbraith. The exhibition features Galbraith’s KenKen GS series of computer-based works for sound and image. 

Created with Galbraith’s custom software, the works’ compositional basis include the structure and expanded numerical content of KenKen puzzles published in the New York Times, historical color scales relating color and musical pitch, and acoustic resonances measured in the exhibition spaces where the works were originally shown. 

Additionally, Galbraith has created a new work, KenKen GS MC, with a new pitch scale reflecting the physical architecture of the Made in NY Media Center. This continues a body of work exploring alternative relationships between sound and image enabled by software designed to cross media boundaries and form a new audiovisual composition environment.



About The Artist

David Galbraith is an artist and composer based in Brooklyn, New York. Galbraith explores the couplings between art, music, technology and the body through his installations, compositions, sound works, and performances featuring live electronics. His custom software for real-time sound and image has been a primary creative tool since 2006. Galbraith has performed at Roulette, The Stone, Judson Memorial Church, Pianos, Diapason Sound Art Gallery, Staatsbank Berlin, and the Pro Musica Nova Festival in Bremen, Germany among other venues.


In 2016 Galbraith launched lgOpre, an app for creating animated grids of visual music. Galbraith’s work has been presented internationally at P.S.1/MoMAKW Institute of Contemporary Art in Berlin, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Arts and Design, among others.




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