LIFT Your Story: Pitching Right Down the Middle [of the Plate]

Classroom 3 6:30–8:30pm
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LIFT Your Story is a series of interactive workshops designed to help startup founders build and elevate their companies using best practices and proven storytelling techniques from leaders in media and technology.

Over the course of seven workshops in New York City and Philadelphia, founders will hear from industry experts on creating a business plan, turning that plan into a business, pitching and selling, building a team, product design and fundraising.

LIFT Your Story is partnership between Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs and the Made in NY Media Center by IFP.  Workshops are free to attend, though prior registration is necessary.

Topic Focus: Pitching
You have spent days, weeks, months, years on your idea and have one single opportunity to pitch to your potential new buyer, investor, or influencer. Your plan is intuitive and landing this account will change your life. You believe in your concept and it's a no brainer. You just need to find the right ears to listen to your pitch. In an era of short attention spans, the best way to get your message across the plate is to simplify things and pitch like it's a fastball in the middle of the strike zone. In other words, bring those top level people back down to earth with you! In this session you will learn how to convey your idea in a way that will be just as effective for them as it is for you. Now that you have an even playing field, go all in for the grand slam.

Mat Levy has worked with Passion River Films since 2004. Having a background in Film and TV publicity, Mat has worked with film campaigns for New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures Classics, Magnolia Pictures, Warner Independent, and Picturehouse. He has also worked with producers from VH1 and MTV on promotion and development. Mat attends most major markets and film festivals as a speaker and mentor on film distribution and strategy. Recently Mat has participated as a speaker in public lectures at Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Doc NYC, Sheffield Doc Fest, Big Vision Empty Wallet, NorthEast Filmmakers Lab, Winter Film Awards, East Silver Documentary Market, Hot Docs, IDFA, and National Media Market educational conference (where he also served on the Board of Directors). Mat attended the University of Hartford and received a BA in Cinema Studies.

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