Made in NY Fellows 2018 Celebration

Special Event
Theater 10–12:30pm
  • Regular FREE

You're invited to the Celebration + Presentation for our Made in NY Fellows.
Over the last year, the Media Center had the honor of hosting ten amazing and innovative media makers and companies. To celebrate, the outgoing cohort will present where there projects are now followed by a lunch and introduction to our 2019 cohort. 

2018 Made in NY Fellows

  • Self-Evident: Asian America’s Stories (James Boo): "Self Evident" is a podcast and community-driven media brand that takes on what it means to be American by telling Asian America's stories.


  • Sheep Cake (David Bizzaro): Sheep Cake is about a pun-loving sheep that overcomes a broken heart by discovering a passion for baking cakes.


  • When We Walk (Jason Da Silva): "When We Walk" is a participatory documentary exploring disability today.


  • & DAUGHTERS (Sarah Keeling): & DAUGHTERS is an inventive documentary series featuring women working in industrial fields where they are the minority of the labor force.


  • The Boat (Stephanie Andreou): The Boat is a multimedia documentary project about NYC’s Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center – the world's largest floating prison.


  • Rivet (Kira Simon-Kennedy, Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria, and Katrina Neumann): Rivet is a platform for creative people to easily and efficiently identify opportunities like residencies, open calls, grants, labs, incubators, and all kinds of things they can apply for that will give them time, space, and/or resources & support. 


  • Mission Critical Productions (Andrew Glazer): Mission Critical Productions is a full-service production company focusing on documentaries, long-form news pieces and nonfiction series.


  • Indigo Veil Media (Hope Olaide Wilson): Owls & Echoes is a dark comedy anthology comprised of 4 vignettes exploring happiness, identity, common sense and the fragility of assumptions.


  • Backdoor Films (Adetoro Makinde): Backdoor Films is anindependent award-winning film and television production company uniquely poised to create diverse content that is lacking within the entertainment industry.


  • Arielle Apfel (A Tiny Perfect World): 'A Tiny Perfect World' is a mockumentary feature about five miniaturist craftsmen, heroes in the world of 1/12th scale recreations of everyday objects, who journey to Pensilvania to compete for the tiny blue ribbon.

Event Schedule

10 AM – 11:30 AM – 2018 Made in NY Fellows Presentation

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM – Celebration Lunch 


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