CYFEST-12: ID - E.V.O.D.E.V.O.R.E.V.O.

Gallery 6–10pm
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Join us at the opening reception on 12/13 for free wine and beer, with artists in attendance!

As part of CYFEST-12: ID – The International Media Art Festival, the Made in NY Media Center is proud to present E.V.O.D.E.V.O.R.E.V.O., a video installation created by Pratt Digital Arts MFA students and curated by course instructor Carla Gannis.

Designed to explore the genetic and memetic evolution, devolution, and re-evolution of the human consciousness. These topics, represented by three interconnecting 45-second animated loops, combine to tell a story about our collective personhood.



Our personal identities are predicated not only on our biological origins but also on the stories we tell about them. This fact forms the intellectual basis of this piece – telling the story of life on earth from primordial soup to the first hominid. This is an origin story, represented in a 45-second hand drawn animation in black and white. Through surrealistic interpretations of an evolutionary cycle the artists seek to provide perspective on the atavistic tendencies encoded in many forms of contemporary culture.



The body, which is the very basic element of recognition, is now going through processes of deformation and re-assemblage. This is an effort to implement a new definition for human identity, concentrating on the eagerness of human beings to differentiate themselves from nature and thus denying the process of evolution, and at times deconstructing systems that have been in place for millennia.



With current limitations to the ways we can augment ourselves in reality, we see people’s online identities become a space for manifesting the wilder sides of their optimal identity. But in a tangible future, we will be able to manifest these extensions, pulling our idealistic identities from nature, technology, and other humans in order to create ideal forms. An unrestrained evolution from individual free will can overtake natural selection, as we rapidly prototype and iterate our own identities constantly re-evolving in the process.



About Cyfest

CYFEST is one of the largest international media art festivals, it was founded in St. Petersburg in 2007 by independent artists and curators. The festival promotes the emergence of new forms of art and high technology interactions, developing professional connections between artists, curators, engineers and programmers around the world and exposing wide audiences to the works in the field of robotics, video art, sound art and net art.



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