Designing Alternative Futures: In Partnership with The Conference (Malmo)

Theater 9:15–12pm
  • Regular $20
  • Media Center Members FREE

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is excited to partner with The Conference, an annual event in Malmö, Sweden, exploring complexity in the digital world.

Join us for two incredible talks on designing the future with John Ryan, Director of Interaction Design for Local Projects (in person!) followed by The Conference’s closing keynote with the acclaimed futurist Angela Oguntala live streamed into the theater.

New video art from artist Olof Werngren will also be on display in the gallery throughout the day.


9:15am: Registration and Breakfast

10:00am: Presentation and Q&A with John Ryan, Director of Interaction Design at Local Projects 

11:00am: Live Stream of The Conference’s closing keynote with Angela Oguntala, Futures Consultant 

About John Ryan’s Talk: Designing the Future Through The Past

John Ryan 

Local Projects has won multiple awards for projects envisioning the future of the museum, the classroom, and the retail store. They’ve created experiences that invite visitors to browse an art museum’s collection with facial expressions, monitor brain activity as visitors explore a science museum, and reveal the invisible physics forces at work in the playground for middle-school students.

As the studio strives to create meaningful experiences with innovative technologies, they return to principles that have informed human activity throughout the ages: myth-making, tool-crafting, social storytelling, learning-by-doing… Their hybrid team (strategists, designers, architects, and software developers) design the future by looking to the past.

John Ryan, Director of Interaction Design at Local Projects, will share the studio’s groundbreaking projects and investigate the time-tested design principles that have informed them.

About Angela Oguntala’s Keynote: Exploring Alternative Futures 

Angela Oguntala

In the closing keynote Exploring Alternative Futures, Angela will talk about building a mindset for exploring alternative futures and realities outside of dominant narratives. You will learn how and where to find alternative futures, building flexibility towards 'the future’, and using design and scenario building to unpack and influence futures.

Angela works across futures studies and design. She works together with organizations to explore the opportunities and challenges of alternative futures. Her projects focus on how to make wise decisions in handling systemic change and in developing visions, services, and experiences that work towards desired futures. 

Angela's foresight work spans varied fields, having worked with the Danish film industry, Philips, and in urban development in Panama. She has a deep interest in exploring the impacts of near-future technologies on culture and society. In 2014, she was chosen as a 'Future Innovator' by Ars Electronica, the United Nations ICT Agency, and Hakuhodo.

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