Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories

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The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is proud to partner with Leo Kuelbs Collection to present Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories, the third installment of the Digital Fairy Tales series. The purpose of the series is to present archetypal material from different cultures and ask artists to respond in search of cultural commonalities.  Also, as the times the tales were created in (represented on all levels) is so far removed from this new, digital era, we seek to create bridges through time: between people and epochs.


The first set of Digital Fairy Tales (Album One and Two) is based upon Germanic stories collected in the late 18th/early 19th Century and was represented by a set of 14 videos created by over two-dozen artists.  And now we continue with Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories, which considers Chinese Folk Tales from four different perspectives: origins of the universe, persistence, love, and eternity. 


Seven teams of artists (visual+sound) from different cultures each took one area of emphasis and represented it in their own collaborative manner. By pairing and presenting artists from different backgrounds and cultures, we hope to strengthen bridges between cultures, as well as to illuminate commonalities in ways unique to the individuals and this amazing circumstance.


Artists were asked to forego verbal language in exchange for sonic and visual representations of their concepts regarding the chosen area of emphasis, while exploring and developing contemporary technique.  How has the essence of what it means to be a person, through the shared creation of myths, evolved through time?  By asking artists today to consider these ancient common tales from China, we can experience collaborative bridge building through time and between people of different races and eras. Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories creates contemporary windows through which we can view the common creations of the past.


Featuring new work from: Rani Messias + Anna Leevia, Suguru Ikeda + Isis Salam, Nicole Antebi + Xiren Wang, Lian Mengzhuo + Kinga Toth, Nina Sobell + Laura Ortman, Làszlò Zsolt Bordos, and Junjie Zhang + Theory.


Curated by Leo Kuelbs and Wing Lu with Able Sun.

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