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Theater 7–9pm
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  • Media Center Members FREE

DELVE Networking: Food + Art – a fun night of talks, performances, and more all around the topic of FOOD + ART.  Are those your favorite things, too?  Yeah, we thought so.

The words food and art can conjure so many examples – where do we begin? We live in a very food-conscious society where eating has not only become the focal point for authentic experiences and togetherness –  it is a launching point for exploring socio-economic, agricultural, and cultural themes that point to larger contemporary issues. We can all relate to food, so why not dive in a little deeper and let food-related experiences educate us, thrill us, disgust us, and nourish us on a more conceptual level?

DELVE: Food + Art showcases artists, thinkers, and makers who use food as their medium – they might farm, cook, make art, write and talk about, or research it. Come for the panel, stay for the reception – more details on featured panelists coming soon!  Everyone is invited to join us – artists, creatives, arts professionals and art appreciators, foodies, eaters, and your friends and neighbors!

Featured speakers:

Emilie Baltz is a multidisciplinary artist who creates experiences that provoke new connections within the 5 senses as a means of stimulating the individual and the collective. She works at the intersection of design, performance, strategy, and the visual arts, her process mirroring that of a chef in the kitchen, mixing ingredients of expression by blending photography, product, environment, and intention with the human senses to provoke new points of entry into the individual and collective experience. As a personal passion, she uses the eating experience as both lens and machine for cultural reflection and creation. In this sector, Emilie works to reframe, requestion and remind us of the fundamental place food occupies in our life as a portal into both the primitive and the civilized. www.emiliebaltz.com/

Stefani Bardin explores the influences of corporate culture and industrial food production on our food system and the environment. She works with neuroscientists, biologists and gastroenterologists to ground her research in the scientific world. These investigations take the form of single and multi-channel videos, immersive and interactive installations as well as tools for measuring and/or mediating these influences. In March of 2014, she will be in a Process Space Residency with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and was an artist in residence at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center from 2010-2012. She is based in New York and teaches at Parsons The New School For Design,  The New School for Public Engagement, and The Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU. www.stefanibardin.net

James Collier is a commercial and fine art photographer, and is naturally curious about the intersections between people and what they eat. A recent transplant to Brooklyn, James spent the last 10 years in California's Central Valley, where he explored food's role in cultural storytelling, historic preservation, and driving local economy. Much of James's work in California focused on making food approachable, which led him to a series of projects documenting food at its source. He currently splits his time between commercial assignments and personal projects – both often involve farm visits and sharing food with friends. http://jamescollier.me

Michael J. Cirino is the founder and creative director of Brooklyn-based culinary performance arts company a razor, a shiny knife.  ARASK utilizes the full breadth of traditional and modern cooking to prepare haute cuisine outside the confines of a restaurant setting, and for creating theatrical, cuisine-based experiences for guests in-person and through multi-media.  http://www.arazorashinyknife.com

DELVE Food + Art is brought to you by Kind Aesthetic, a Brooklyn-based creative agency.  Learn more about DELVE and past events here. We celebrate and discover everyone's unique paths as artistic and creative forces. It's a chance to learn from others and see where our worlds overlap.  Each event begins with presentations by inspiring individuals, followed by drinks, food and meeting new people.  We are interested in creating community and sharing information to help you succeed.

We'll also be exploring #delvefoodandart online – please share your food stories, favorites artists, projects and thoughts with us! 

Reception graciously sponsored by One Girl Cookies and Brooklyn Brewery.

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