From Screens to Virtual Reality: Reimagining Interactions

Special Event
Theater 6–9:30pm
  • Regular $25
  • Media Center Members $15

Our interaction with the digital world is on the brink of change. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are taking us from flat screens into fully immersive environments. But how can we take advantage of this new reality to create more engaging interactions? We'll talk with some of the leaders creating new design tools and experiences, and find out what's possible now, and what will be possible in the near future with the mass adoption of consumer VR and improved technologies. We will also talk through different UI techniques that work well in the space, the challenges of designing for VR and best practices when navigating virtual environments. You’ll hear from: 

SketchFab (Leading platform to publish and find 3D and VR content)

ustwo (Award winning digital product studio )

Presto (Gesture control interfaces using smartwatches)

Kokowa (Creating new worlds with the click of a button)


6:00-7:00 Happy Hour and Demos

7:00-8:30 Panel Discussion

8:30-9:30 Reception and Demos 


Toph Brown

Toph is a producer at ustwo where he looks after teams making VR and wearable products. Recently, he’s been working with Google to imagine and craft forward-thinking VR products such as the Cardboard Design Lab: An educational experience which explores principles of designing in VR by demonstrating them in a virtual world.

Meredith Finkelstein 

Meredith is a co-founder of Kokowa, a platform for the creation of immersive  spaces for desktop, mobile web and immersive VR headsets.  As part of her company, Print All Over Me, she built the first 3D virtual fashion runway show in collaboration with Yahoo! She has worked as a technologist for companies ranging from JPL to UNICEF as well as for 3D feature animated films for IDT Entertainment.  Her interested in immersive worlds began 15 years ago when she first tried Lightwave and was forever transformed. 

Michael Calvert 

Michael Calvert has been a part of the gaming industry since 2011 and manages gaming at Sketchfab, the leading platform to publish and find 3D and VR content, anywhere online. He has an extensive knowledge of growth hacking, 3D/2D game development, art, and process. Michael is an expert in mobile development and industry trends, and is also a teacher, speaker, and trainer with a respected reputation in the gaming space. Past experience includes leading high profile marketing and community projects for companies such as The White House, Disqus, CNN, Telegraph UK, BBC America, McClatchy Interactive, Wired, Current, Nvidia, IGN, Destructoid, and many more.

Sumeet Thadani

Sumeet has long been inspired by SciFi, and observed that everyone in the future uses gestures to communicate with their computers — that was the beginning of his journey to create Presto, the first gestural interface using sensor data coming off a smartwatch. He has a MS in Computer Science from Columbia University and is a veteran of startups such as LimeWire.


Heidi Braunstein

Heidi Braunstein has spent her entire career in technology and startups in a variety of different roles. She now works consulting with other entrepreneurs at the Samsung Accelerator on a range of topics, from customer development and user experience to go-to-market and growth strategies. The Samsung Accelerator focuses on companies that are hard at work creating new user experiences that respond to emerging needs in the VR, IoT, payments, and consumer businesses for mobile, wearables, and TV.

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