Breaking Into the World of Video Journalism Bootcamp

Special Event
Theater 10:30–4pm
  • Regular $75
  • Media Center Members $50

This one day bootcamp will offer the basic tools to navigate professional life as a video journalist. A lot is often said about the craft of storytelling, but the concrete nuts and bolts of the job are often left in the dark. It might not be the most glamorous part, but it can’t be overlooked. This workshop will go over pitching techniques, contracts, budgets, client management and more. We will also discuss full time jobs versus freelancing, as well as creating your own business. 

Led by Elettra Fiumi and Lea Khayata of Granny Cart Productions, this workshop will include presentations and Q&As with Shruti Ganguly (former VP of Video+TV at NYLON and now a Partner at Fictionless) and Andrew Lampard (a staff producer at CNN’s new Great Big Story, formerly at New York Times’s T Brand Studio).

About the Instructors: 

Granny Cart Productions is a team of two female  producers/ directors/ shooters/ editors, Elettra Fiumi and Lea Khayata, who started working together after graduating from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in ‘11. Over the past four years and half, they’ve worked for the BBC, MSNBC, Time Magazine, Univision’s Fusion, Monocle, The Economist, the Columbia Journalism Review, AOL, Cool Hunting and others. They produced MSNBC’s Breaking Glass, a weekly series profiling women pushing boundaries in their fields. They’ve also worked with corporate clients like the Gagosian Gallery, the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music, Rebecca Taylor and others. The Granny received a 2015 Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts documentary grant for A Florentine Man (in progress) and has been featured in StoryhunterColumbia Visuals, Crain's Business,Young Female Entrepreneurs, DNAInfo.com and A Small World. The Granny was also a participant of the MIT/Goethe Institut’s Labour In A Single Shot program led by Antje Ehmann and the late Harun Farocki; Granny’s video was selected as part of the program's showcase at the Venice Biennale 2015.

Andrew Lampard is a documentary director, cinematographer and journalist. He's a staff producer at Great Big Story and is currently editing a multi-year project about the Big Island's underground drag racing culture. In early 2014, Andrew quit his job at ABC News to start his own production company. Over the following year he sold video projects to the New York Times, The Weather Channel, Al Jazeera English and Fusion. He also wrote, edited and directed branded content campaigns for the New York Times's T Brand Studio as one of "The Selects," a group of five directors chosen to work with T Brand's corporate clients.  

Shruti is the Co-Founder and a Partner at Fictionless, a film production company that focuses on game-changing digital series and branded content, feature narrative and documentaries, with clients such as the United Nations, IMG, Sotheby's, Apple, NYU and the like. Prior to Fictionless, she has run video departments and developed the video strategy at various media companies from MTV, to Conde Nast (crafting the CLIO-winning 73 Questions series), to NYLON. Shruti has worked with James Franco and his Rabbit Bandini productions for the last four years on film and digital content, and produced feature films that have gone to Sundance, Venice, Berlin, Telluride, and so on. She is currently producing a feature with Keanu Reeves, and is developing several other scripted films and TV series. 

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