Magnified: Interlude on How to Create Your Own Interactive Film

Special Event
Theater 6:30–8pm
  • Regular $10
  • Media Center Members FREE

What if you could create a film where viewers can decide what happens next? How would this change your approach to storytelling? Meet the Interlude Team on January 12th and discover how to create engaging interactive experiences that are shared three times more than traditional videos.

About Interlude: 

Interlude is a media and technology company at the forefront of immersive video entertainment. Interlude creates and distributes premium interactive content using its patented technology. Now viewers can step into the narrative and impact its course in real time. 

Interlude is also home to Treehouse™, a self-serve authoring suite which allows anyone to create interactive videos online. 

Interlude is backed by Sequoia, NEA, Marker, Innovation Endeavors, Intel Capital and Warner Music Group. The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. For more information, visit www.interlude.fm.

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