Expanded Cinema, Vol. 4

Gallery 12–10pm
  • Regular FREE


Join us at the opening reception on 8/1 from 6-8pm for free wine and beer, with artists in attendance!

Expanded Cinema, Vol. 4 brings 8 new works from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program’s 2019 Big Screens and Integrated Digital Media's Video Art Installation classes to the Made in NY Media Center by IFP. 
Presented by Todd Bryant and Nicolás Escarpentier, this show brings new and inspiring pixel origami to DUMBO for a month-long engagement.
Join us for free wine and beer at the opening reception, with artists and curators in attendance!


Featured works:

Collected Ego, by Nicolás Escarpentier, Annabel Reed, Jack Trzcinski, and Jarone Wright

Flux, by Oren Shoham and Max Horwich

RunVR, by Fanni Fazakas, Kimberly Lin, Manuela Romero, and Esther Manon Siddiquie, starring Jacob Robert

Ordinary Scenes, by Qiushi Lin

Self Reflection, by Chian Huang, Jeff Petriello, Lu Wang, and NiNi Dongnier

Bubbles, by Yu-Hsuan Lin, Chaery Moon, and Alice Sun

Oblivion, by Sarah Amores, Ivy Danxiaomeng Huang, and Yang Yang

Soul Drop, by Ella Chung, Mohammad Hafiyyandi, Haiyi Huang, and Brandon Kazen-Maddox



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