Expanded Cinema: Opening Reception

Special Event
Gallery 6–9pm
  • Regular FREE


Free wine and beer, with artists in attendance!

The Expanded Cinema August 2016 Showcase brings 8 of the works from the NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program’s 2015 Big Screens class to the Made in NY Media Center Center by IFP. 

Curated by Todd Bryant and Ryan Uzilevsky and featuring additional works by guest video artists from the Expanded Cinema East Collective, August’s show brings its pixel origami to DUMBO for a month-long engagement.


Works include:

untitled by AV & Nick 

Dilation by Cici & Joanna

Reverie by David & Yurika

Deconstruction by Craig & Zhen

Betsy Blue by Ava

Morph by Boram Kim

Resonance by Sergio Mora-Diaz

Breaking In by Namira & Edson



untitled by Matt Romein

C-twon (excerpt) by Garret Linn


Presented by Todd Bryant & Ryan Uzilevsky

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