BK Tech Meetup

Theater 7–9pm
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Let's act like superheroes and do some good for the world! If you're interested in social entrepreneurship, this is the perfect time to learn more about the people and the companies doing it!

Following the talk with TED and Clean Water For Everyone (CWFE), join us for drinks, snacks, and some more fresh prospectives about social issues.

Join us for the BK Tech Meetup to unite and use our powers to do some good for the world! It's time to take a well-deserved look at some of the smartest people working on some of the most important social problems through non-profits.

Hear from TED,  a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world, and Abbey Wemimo, founder and CEO of Clean Water for Everyone (CWFE), an organization that provides access to clean and affordable water supply in developing nations by working with local people and organizations to achieve positive and measured social, economic, and environmental impacts. 


TED.com is building a clearinghouse of free knowledge from the world's most inspired thinkers – and a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other, both online and at TED and TEDx events around the world, all year long. They believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. In fact, everything they do – from their TED Talks videos to the projects sparked by the TED Prize, from the global TEDx community to the TED-ED lesson series – is driven by this goal: How can we best spread great ideas? TED is owned by a nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation. Their agenda is to make great ideas accessible and spark conversation.


Abbey Wemimo will speak about how CWFE has provided access to clean water for more than 48,560 people in four countries. He has a wealth of experience in marketing, consulting, project management, and market research. Abbey is a fervent advocate of education and believes it should be the paramount investment in any child's life as it empowers and expands the intellectual frame of reference. He envisions a prosperous future for Africa led by a new generation of educated, empowered, and ethical leaders.

BK Tech Meetup

BK Tech Meetup is a group that was founded to celebrate and expand upon interesting work by interesting people. We host events that revolve around the tech world and the leaders driving real change. Most importantly, these meetings are a great place to discover new people, ideas, and possible co-workers.

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