Interdimensional Beings

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Join us at the opening on 5/5 with free wine and beer, plus artists in attendance!

Time is the only resource we can't replenish, and it's the one aspect of all of our lives that we're still struggling to understand. Scientists and philosophers have hypothesized on the machinations of time for millennia, but science has yet to unlock the mysteries of time's ebb and flow.


Nonetheless, we are all time-travelers. Whether we’re journeying to distant memories or looking ahead to future possibilities, we’re constantly traversing time and often struggling to reconcile our pasts and futures with the present.


Each of the six artists taking part in Interdimensional Beings look at time from different angles. Whether it's the passage of time on a cosmic scale, the potential ramifications of time travel, or merely how we reminisce about the past, Interdimensional Beings seeks to elucidate the myriad ways inn which time impacts us all on a daily basis, and how our evolving relationships with time still have the possibility to amaze and inspire.


Participating artists:

Josh Graham is currently serving as Creative Director for Soundgarden, and works from concept to completion across all mediums of today’s multi-faceted creative campaigns: album packaging, merchandise, promotional material, social media imagery, concert visuals, and music videos.  He is always looking for new opportunites, and available to focus on singular elements or oversee entire campaigns.


David Hall produces/writes/directs films, music videos, and live visuals for bands. Through his former company Handshake Inc., Hall worked with Today is the Day, Wolves in the Throne Room, Brutal Truth, Portal, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Melvins, Misery Index, Dragged Into Sunlight, Pig Destroyer and many other underground/extreme metal bands. He is currently in post production on his first feature film “The Church of the Red Candle,” a dark, psychiatric love story featuring an original soundtrack by Luc Lemay, and is currently in production on “God Of Thunder: The Billy Anderson Story” about legendary engineer/producer Billy Anderson.


Cait Carvalho is an experimental artist based in Brooklyn. She tinkers in analog forms of media making, as well as the latest digital techniques. She has created hand-painted +and animated films, as well as surreal fiction and non-fiction pieces. By day, Cait is working on her MFA in the IMA program at Hunter College. At night, she’s managing screenings at Anthology Film Archives. During the summer, she’s hanging out upstate teaching film/video at the New York State Summer School of the Art's Media Arts program.


Gavin Heffernan is a Canadian filmmaker, photographer, and screenwriter who recently co-wrote Bad Hat Harry's psychological horror feature, The Taking Of Deborah Logan (2014) and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension for Paramount Pictures, with co-writer Adam Robitel. In 2015, Heffernan and his photography partner Harun Mehmedinovic had their timelapses featured behind The Rolling Stones on their Zip Code North American stadium tour and collaborated on SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM, a crowdfunded book and Blu-ray set to tackle the danger and damage of urban light pollution. The campaign generated great publicity and ended on May 9th, 2015 as the fourth most successful Photobooks Kickstarter to date. To be released in the summer of 2016.


Harun Mehmedinovic took up photography as a hobby during his road trips across America. Years later, his project Bloodhoney* became one of the most successful Kickstarter photography campaigns of all time. He is a regular contributor to BBC Earth, and has contributed photographs to Vogue Italia, National Geographic, and Blindfold Magazine. Mehmedinovic's work has been featured by Wired Magazine, LA Times, NPR, LA Weekly, Vice, Washington Post andThe Boston Globe, and they have also been a subject of a TEDx Talk. Mehmedinovic is the author of two books, Seance and Persona, and his astrophotography timelapse videos have been used at various events, most notably by The Rolling Stones on their Zip Code tour in 2015.


Hugues Clément explores a dichotomy-dismantling approach focused on sound/image and digital/organic universes, and his work as been showcased in various events around the world, including MUTEK (CA), Igloofest (CA), and Circle Of Light/Moscow Light Festival (RU). With audiovisual performance, mapping, design, VJ sets, and installations, Hugues attempts to capture today. His interests range from digital manipulation and formalism to abstract/tangible juxtaposition and the changing relationship between the audio/visual and creative technologies.


Thomas D. Rotenberg is currently serving as the Made in NY Media Center by IFP’s digital media and gallery manager. He is also a video artist and screenwriter. His work has show across the United States and Europe, and his curatorial efforts have garnered praise from a variety of publications.


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