Eko + IFP present: Interactive Storytelling Workshop

Special Event
Theater 6:30–8:30pm
  • Regular FREE

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is excited to partner with Eko Studio to launch the inaugural Eko + IFP Interactive Series Production Grant. One submission will be awarded a $10,000 cash grant to fund the first episode of a series for those already working or looking to work in emerging formats, particularly those exploring non-linear, interactive narratives.

Lead by Eko’s VP of Creative, Alex Vlack, the workshop will show you how to create your own interactive projects, use Eko’s intuitive and powerful authoring tool (Eko Studio), and show you completed works within this medium that exemplify what it means to be “inherently interactive.”

This workshop will also provide you with some background on Eko’s groundbreaking medium and why it’s changing the way creators and their audiences interact with narrative, encouraging them to shape the story as it unfolds. We’ll teach you about storytelling that is responsive, personalized, and deeply engaging and inspire you to write, edit, and publish your own. 

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