NYFA Presents: Digital Profiling - Opening Reception

Special Event
Gallery 6–8pm
  • Regular FREE


Join us at the opening reception on 8/3 for free wine and beer, with artists in attendance!

Digital Profiling could be defined as a means by which we can analyze and piece together a person's interaction with a digital data network and produce the outputs of profiling, trend analysis, market statistics, and behavioral analysis.
In conjunction with NYFA's Facial Profiling exhibit at C24 Gallery, Digital Profiling explores the observed and projected self in both the digital and physical realms and subsequently invites the artist and viewer to  interpret and/or project imagery as portrait. Works include visualizations that cross cultures, genders, conformity and identity. 
Curated by David C. Terry and Madeline Scholl.
Featuring work from:
Shamus Clisset
MM Serra
Chin Chih Yang
Ella Gant
Eric Corriel
Sophie Kahn
Peter Burr
Moo Kwon Han
Perry Bard
Ariana Gerstein
Nicholas Fraser
Jason Bernagozzi
Jason Mitcham
Fernando Orellana
Katie Torn

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