Human Meets Technology

Gallery 6–10pm
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How do humans and technology interact with one another? And what effect does this have on our culture and the world around us? Those are the questions being asked in Human Meets Technology, the new exhibition co-curated by EyeEm and the Made in NY Media Center by IFP. The human/machine line is blurring – the gap between the two is only getting smaller – and it is time to celebrate this in all its terrifying, fascinating beauty. 
Following a public call for entries, the best photographs from around the world have been selected and installed in our gallery.
They encompass the entire spectrum of how we all interact with technology, an interaction that transcends social, economic, and political boundaries. Technology has long been a unifying force, the great equalizer that brings new ways of thinking, working, and living to people in even the most remote parts of the world.
And, as these images demonstrate, that couldn’t be more true today.
But while these images elucidate a global society in which we are all more digitally interconnected than ever before, they also demonstrate a personal, physical loneliness, an incidental isolation that has become a necessary side effect when dedicating so much time to digital connectedness.
The answer is not choosing one reality over another, nor is it in maintaining the two as separate, discrete identities – when properly balanced and integrated, our myriad forms of digital connectivity complement the physical interactions that form the real basis of our lives.
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