The Reel Pitch: Selling Your Project on the Page, Screen, and in Person

Master all the tricks of selling your project, from learning logline and mood reel strategies to gathering tips for running an engaging, confident pitch meeting.

6:30–8:30pm (Classroom 1)Note: This is a 3 part class (6 hours)This class has already started

When most filmmakers, producers, audio storytellers and other and content creators think of pitching, they envision themselves stuttering over their plot points to a shark tank of “moneymen” who hold the fate of this project in their hands.

However, pitching begins the moment you commit to making a film or series. Every project begins, in one way or another, in the form of written words that evolve into provocative images. And the goal, of course, is getting it off ground with the proper budget, which means conversations with an array of “buyers” that include everyone from potential viewers and crowdfunding contributors, to actors and distributors.

In this course, you will take a deep dive into all the tricks of selling your project, from learning logline and “mood reel” strategies to gathering tips for running an engaging, confident pitch meeting. Here, you will cover the tactics employed in any good pitch (and the tactics to avoid), as well as the most creative, efficient ways can use your words, your creative materials, and yourself to make your project stand out from the crowd.


Each part of the three-part class will provide a thorough examination into a different pitch discipline:

  • Pitches on the page: loglines, project descriptions, etc.
  • Pitches on the screen: “mood reels”, trailers, etc.
  • Pitches in person: verbal and presentation strategies.

Students will dissect examples from real pitches, and discuss their effectiveness, creativity, and strengths.

What You Will Learn

  • How to write engaging project descriptions and queries.

  • How to create the vital contents for your pitch package.

  • What different kinds of pitch videos can achieve.

  • How to tailor your pitch and pitch materials to different buyers.

  • What to say, and what not to say, during pitch meetings.

About the instructor

Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn is the award-winning executive producer of HBO’s “America’s Dream”, the National Geographic documentary, “Bearing Light” and TNT’s acclaimed films “Buffalo Soldiers” + “Freedom Song”. She has scripted works for 20th Century Fox and a variety of indie producers. Carolyn directed & produced the short film P.N.O.K. featuring Danny Glover + Elle Fanning, the documentary “Design Your Neighborhood”, and an array of music videos, short films, and corporate films for Nissan, the Nashville Civic Design Center and ‘Big Kenny’s’

Beginning her career out of NYU’s School of the Arts in the marketing division of Warner Bros TV, Carolyn was also a development executive at Cinecom Entertainment Group, and executive vice president of Danny Glover’s Carrie Productions. An alumnus of Judith Weston’s Actor/Director Lab, Carolyn studied acting with the late Geraldine Page and Uta Hagen.

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