Create the Next (Hypothetical) Sci-Fi TV Series

In this simulated Writers Room led by Hugo Award-winning writer Morgan Gendel, participants will learn the fundamentals of screenwriting as they create the concept for a new science fiction TV series.

10:30–4:30pm (Theater)

Unlimited Classes

Take as many as you want for $350 month. Or for $500 month also get a daily work space.

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In this daylong workshop, screenwriter Morgan Gendel, winner of the Hugo Award for Star Trek: The Next Generation fan-favorite episode The Inner Light and an Emmy nominee for Law & Order, will lead participants as they work in a realistic writers room setting to create the concept for a new hypothetical sci-fi series. The fundamentals of setting, character and action will be examined with an eye toward how they work together in a compelling screen story. Open to working writers, aspiring amateurs, sci-fi fans or those who simply want to voice their ideas.


What You Will Learn

  • It will feel like you’re in a real Writers Room, with the writer of one of sci-fi fans’ favorite TV episodes
  • In this hands-on workshop everyone will contribute to the development of a brand-new series concept
  • Learn the Six Litmus Tests that will improve your script writing skills immeasurably
  • You’ll hear many do’s and don’ts of the screenwriting trade

Prerequisites & Preparation

Familiarity with Lajos Egri, ART OF DRAMATIC WRITING; I will briefly reference the movies Groundhog Day, Bridge on the River Kwai, American Hustle and Star Wars – if you haven’t seen any of these you can read about them on Wikipedia. If you haven’t seen Star Wars then I just don’t know.

About the instructor

Morgan Gendel

Morgan Gendel

Morgan Gendel has written or produced more than 200 episodes of primetime TV and is perhaps best known as writer of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode The Inner Light, for which he won the Hugo Award. His other sci-fi/comic credits include The Dresden Files, which he brought to TV as Executive producer; MTVs Spider-Man, in which he served as Head Writer and Showrunner; and additional episodes of both Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.
He is currently adapting Ursula K. LeGuins celebrated sci-fi novel THE TELLING as a feature; has written the graphic novel Hellana in partnership with Stan Lee; and recently completed the TV pilot script Layers for Roddenberry Entertainment in partnership with Oscar-winning producer Chay Carter (Argo).
His company Anvil Studios was an early adopter in the webseries realm, having produced Warner Horizons 90-minute series Pushed, which Gendel co-wrote and directed for

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