Spotlight on IFP Resident: Liliana Petrova of The Petrova Experience

Each week we are highlighting a new IFP Resident organization with an interview with their founder or an employee. Up next is Liliana Petrova of The Petrova Experience

What is your company/organization and what do you do?

We are The Petrova Experience. A customer experience consulting firm. That means we sit with brands, evaluate how they are connecting with customers and where they are missing opportunities. We help them with branding and strategy. We help them turn their customers into loyal advocates who are excited to be associated with the brand and can’t wait to come back. We help brands deliver their brand promises through consistent, exceptional experiences designed for the customers. We prove the ROI of investments in the customer.

If you could describe your career path in three sentences or less, what would it be?

Pro-actively designed, cross functional, cross industry career path. Always driven by problem solving, taking initiative and mentoring people.

Why are you passionate about what you do and what inspired you to start your business/work on the projects you work on?

I have always been passionate about helping people. Ever since I came to the US, I volunteer one way or another. Customer experience is the field that has the mission to make our lives better. Every day I get to fix problems for the greater good by making patient, passengers, and guest experiences better. This field allows me to express my values in my every day work. There is nothing more rewarding that that.

What is your priority project right now (individually or as a business)?

Although we have been in business almost a year, I still feel we are not done building the business. My priority is to build a sustainable flow of both projects and resources.

How do you as a company/organization/individual handle crisis and what do you during these times to stay inspired and to inspire your team/collaborators?

I believe in servant leadership. In that sense I always ask my team members what they need and how I can help them and do my best to meet their needs. I am more resilient than other during crisis since I grew up in crisis. When the regime changed in my country we had many economic hardships. I saw my grandfather’s retirement get wiped out by hyperinflation as a child. The way I handle crisis is to exercise empathy and help others.

What exciting projects have you recently completed, are currently working on, or have in the pipeline?

We have a client that is very interesting. They are building an innovative solution using robotics and software to reimagine the storage of embryos in the IVF industry. The project is really exciting since we are hired to imaging the client experience in a differentiated way. We are definitely challenged, but also very excited by this project.

If you could give one thing to the greater Media Center/IFP community, what would it be?

My services are free.

If you could ask one thing of the greater Media Center/IFP community, what would it be?

 As you know I have a pet peeve that my phone does not work in the main area. I would ask that this is fixed. I have no idea how. Apart of this nuisance, I love everything. Perhaps more classes like the podcast class you have coming up?

How did you find out about IFP/Media Center?

A former employee and friend told me about you and took me to see you when I got out on my own. Best thing that ever happened to me at that time.

What have you gained from your membership?

A lot. I love the community aspect. In the beginning it was very scary starting the business. I really appreciate the chill, but serious atmosphere. I also have recorded podcasts in a much more stress free manner because of the studio. I feel very legitimate also because I can book a room and meet a client. You made me feel legit 😉

What unique media center offerings have you taken advantage of and have found the most rewarding?

The podcast studio is my favorite.

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