Spotlight on IFP Resident: Christina Strack of Titan

Each week we are highlighting a new IFP Resident organization with an interview with their founder or an employee. Up next is Christina Strack of Titan.

What is your company/organization and what do you do?

Titan is an online sales training service for technology sales.

If you could describe your career path in three sentences or less, what would it be?

First step towards my career was at age 19, when I studied both computers and art preparing for Indiana University’s independent study program.  Second major step was when I founded a systems integration consulting company called Werkflow during the dot-com recession.  Current phase is to create trainings in the form of edutainment for enterprise sellers worldwide.

Why are you passionate about what you do and what inspired you to start your business/work on the projects you work on?

As a Founder, I had 92% of closing deals.  As an employee, I’ve worked in departments where only 10% of all deals closed.  The difference was radical.  I became convinced that what we are taught about how to pursue success, and what increases the odds of winning, were ineffective.  And that created the mission to empower others with what took me years to learn.

What is your priority project right now (individually or as a business)?

The goal is to fold the voices of many sellers into the trainings. I’m looking for more enterprise technology sellers on Twitter and LinkedIn so that there is an on-going stream of real-world expertise for my audience.

How do you as a company/organization/individual handle crisis and what do you during these times to stay inspired and to inspire your team/collaborators?

Crises are part of everyday life for the customers I’ve worked with. An entire fleet of planes being grounded due to an IT outage, millions of dollars being lost in a day due to bandwidth issues, an entire company that can only communicate by phone because email is down – all are par for the course.  When it comes to inspiring customers, what I will say is that people need a light at the end of the tunnel.  If everyone knows when that is, they can handle the in-between. 

What exciting projects have you recently completed, are currently working on, or have in the pipeline?

I ran a proof-of-concept last summer helping people overcome an obstacle in their career within the next 24 hours.  I am excited to turn those sessions into skits to educate more people on how this can be done.

If you could give one thing to the greater Media Center/IFP community, what would it be?

If someone needs on-camera talent who can talk tech while telling stories or cracking jokes, I’m game.

If you could ask one thing of the greater Media Center/IFP community, what would it be?

I’m buying a new Canon camcorder, cage kit and Lavalier mic. If any IFP members could help me get up to speed on my new gear, that would be amazing.

How did you find out about IFP/Media Center?

Galia Gichon

What have you gained from your membership?

A New York state of mind.

What unique media center offerings have you taken advantage of and have found the most rewarding?

Iris Mansour and I had a call about journalistic techniques applied to sales.  I’ve been hoping to find someone in the market who could teach this to sellers for an incredibly long time.

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