Ways to Help Artists and Creatives During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As the world tries to come to terms with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, people fortunate to be able to work from home and/or keep their jobs are frantically searching for ways to help. We’ve compiled a list of different organizations that need assistance in these difficult times.

For our resource guide for artists, see our blog here.

  • For Artists With Reduced Wages
    • This list is specifically for artists with lost or reduced wages during this time
  • NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Theatre
    • An initiative by New York Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) to address the under-representation of those who identify as women in film, music, television, and theatre
  • Cinema Worker Solidarity Fund
    • A fund dedicated to movie theater employees in NYC whose hours have been curtailed by the crisis and who are not being otherwise compensated. 
  • Field of Vision Virtual Mentorship & Consultation Service
    • Weekly “office hours” with Field of Vision staff meant to provide support to documentary filmmakers, especially those whose production schedules or festival premieres have been affected by the crisis.
  • NYFA Emergency Grants (New York Foundation of the Arts)
    • New York Foundation of the Arts compiled a list of emergency artist grants in New York and beyond
  • Remote Work Opportunities (Google Doc of potential jobs)
    • An extensive list of organizations and companies that hire remote/work from home employees
  • Kickstarter (resources for artists)
    • Kickstarter made its own lengthy list of emergency grants, freelance resources, legal aid, and more.
  • GoFundMe (creative fundraisers)
    • From artist relief funds to resurrecting institutions of the arts, GoFundMe has a list of fundraisers around the country
  • Bandcamp (musician support)
    • Waiving revenue share on Friday, March 20
  • She Shreds (musicians fund)
    • She Shreds Magazine has compiled a running list of helpful info and links for live and recording musicians during the crisis
  • Resources for NY Arts and Cultural Organizations (NYSCA)
    • Webinars, newsletters, and general info for
  • Dear Producer (resources for artists)
    • Resources that focus on producers and financiers as well as freelancers and other artists
  • Freelancers Union Resource List (freelance information)
    • Our neighbors at the Freelancers Union and Hub have made a comprehensive rundown of the many resources for freelance workers hit hard during this time
  • WMM List of Regional Resources (Women Make Movies)
    • A nationwide list of regional resources from WMM

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