Resource Guide for Filmmakers and Creatives During COVID-19 Crisis

During this time of uncertainty we’d like to ensure our community can continue to create exciting and vital work as well as continue to build their businesses as much as possible. We’ve put together a comprehensive resource guide that will continue to be updated in the coming days.

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Financial Support and Job Opportunities:

Sharing Work: 

Mentorship/Learning Opportunities:

Festivals / Festival Resources:

The Films After Tomorrow is Locarno2020’s competition. It will focus on the films beginning to take shape on national and international sets and had to go on hiatus due to the health crisis. The Films After Tomorrow will showcase 10 International and 10 Swiss films competing for various prizes, including the two Pardo 2020 worth ~$70,000 each. The aim of that prize is to make sure those films can be completed and reach their intended target: the audience. More info here. Apply with your film here.

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