Made in NY Media Center-Related Podcasts to Listen To While Stuck Inside

Are you finding yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands while isolated and/or quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic? Already run through everything on your list you wanted to listen to? We’ve compiled some amazing podcasts from alumni, residents, and friends of the Media Center below. They range from sci-fi

  • Back to One: Filmmaker Magazine‘s Back to One focuses on the art of acting and is hosted by writer and filmmaker Peter Rinaldi. In Rinaldi’s own words, the podcast is simple: “Just one actor every episode discussing their own approach to the craft, and one big (perhaps foolish) attempt at something pure.” Interviews have included Michael K. Williams, Lake Bell, Willem Dafoe, Zoey Deutch
  • Believable: A podcast by Media Center resident Narratively, Believable dives into personal, eye-opening stories where narratives conflict, and different perspectives about truth collide.

  • Cryptids
    • The narrative, science fiction podcast is by Media Center Fellow and former resident Wild Obscura Films. The scripted, episodic project is the company’s first foray into audio storytelling and is a truly impressive debut. The seven episodes tell the story of a conspiracy radio show host and an avid listener who go in search of an afterlife.

  • Decarcerated Podcast: Media Center resident Marlon Peterson hosts Decarcerated, which discusses life after incarceration. The essential audio project has Marlon interviewing formerly incarcerated people about their journeys to success and discusses how we must rethink criminal justice and fight to change our draconian systems and laws.

  • Don’t Interrupt Me, Por Favor
    • An interview show that is in both Spanish and English, this podcast is intended for bilingual speakers and future bilinguals. Guillermo Fesser, Lisa Button, and former Media Center fellow and resident Nick Leiber talk to bilingual guests navigating two worlds and languages in the process.

  • Narratively Out Loud
    • Another new audio project by Narratively, Out Loud brings listeners the latest storytelling from, as well as some old favorites, read aloud — from a revealing memoir, to explorations of eccentric subcultures, to profiles that celebrate the diversity of humanity.

  • Self Evident: Asian American Stories
    • Self Evident is a mixture of reports, conversations with community, and personal stories by Asian Americans to help audiences navigate our era of cultural reckoning. There are six full-length episodes in the first season plus two bonus episodes.