SUBMIT NOW: IFP and RYOT are launching the Next Generation 5G Storytelling Initiative

With Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP), we’re thrilled to launch the Next Generation 5G Storytelling Initiative with RYOT and Verizon, which focuses on new storytelling forms developed exclusively for Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G network.

The Next Generation 5G Storytelling Initiative seeks submissions from filmmakers and creators with a serious, innovative, and imaginative approach to new technology, to develop new story-based projects. Ten (10) story-based projects with an innovative and imaginative approach to working with this new 5G technology will be selected to participate in our Next Generation 5G Storytelling Lab intensive from December 5-7, 2018 at the Made in NY Media Center. 

Selected storytellers will have opportunities to experiment with augmented and mixed reality, volumetrics, CGI, and motion capture that will have a wide range of applications using the next-generation standard in mobile telecommunication. All 10 projects will also be invited to participate at IFP Week 2019. And after the Lab, three (3) final projects will be selected to further develop and produce their projects, receiving:

  • $10,000 RYOT grant
  • Access to RYOT’s volumetric studio and Verizon resources: 5G Lab at Alley powered by Verizon (NYC) and RYOT Innovation Studio (Los Angeles)

For more information, and to apply…


For the Next Generation 5G Storytelling Initiative and Lab, we are looking for project pitches that are fully integrated narrative-driven pieces seeking the use of 5G technological capabilities to be developed and produced: augmented/mixed reality, volumetrics, CGI, motion capture, and more.

The core mission of the initiative is to develop stories conceived in 5G technology. Our ideal project candidates meet the below criteria:

  1. A compelling story: an experience or narrative with strongly defined characters, arc, and point-of-view.
  2. Imaginative and thoughtful approach to the story’s form and medium of choice in the lens of 5G technology.
  3. A clear passion, drive, curiosity, and willingness to experiment and explore advances in storytelling.

Projects can take the form of a film, immersive experience, interactive experience, or any unique, cross-media combination. Be sure to check out our SUBMISSION FORM for more information and specifics!

Important Dates:

  • Submissions Open: October 18 (@ 4pm)
  • Submissions Close: November 16
  • Notifications Sent: November 20
  • Next Generation 5G Storytelling Lab (Made in NY Media Center, Brooklyn): December 5-7

Questions may be sent to

About RYOT:

RYOT is Oath’s Emmy Award®-winning, Academy Award®-nominated premium entertainment studio that produces both feature-length and short content in traditional and emerging immersive formats. RYOT has produced a range of cutting-edge film, television, and immersive projects with festival premieres at Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, and Hot Docs among others. RYOT’S films can be seen on HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, National Geographic. Highlights include back-to-back Academy Award® nominations for Best Documentary Short Subject for the non-fiction shorts “Body Team 12” and “Watani: My Homeland,” and this year RYOT became the only media company at both Sundance Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival to have content premieres across every category and format.

About IFP:

The Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) champions the future of storytelling by connecting artists with essential resources at all stages of development and distribution. The organization fosters a vibrant and sustainable independent storytelling community through its year-round programs, which include IFP Week, IFP Labs (Film, Series & Audio Storytelling), IFP Expanded, Filmmaker Magazine, IFP Gotham Awards and the Made in NY Media Center by IFP, a tech and media incubator space developed with the New York Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment.