Expanded Cinema, Volume Two – Opening Reception Recap (Video)

Since the Media Center’s opening in October, 2013, our digital media arts gallery has slowly become a focal point for digital art in Brooklyn and we now debut a new exhibition for every First Thursday Art Walk.

Drawing more than one thousand attendees every year and featuring the works of more than one hundred artists since launching, the gallery is the perfect place for the world’s most cutting-edge digital and video artists to display their multifaceted creations. And with DUMBO’s art scene growing more robust every day, we’re honored to be alongside so many other talented, thought-provoking artists.

April saw the opening of Expanded Cinema, Volume Two – our second collaboration with NYU ITP’s Big Screens class, in which students spend the semester crafting an installation to be shown on a 120’ long screen at IAC. Artists frequently have to adapt existing work to new spaces and new specifications, so class instructor Todd Bryant uses exhibitions here at the Media Center as a teaching point by forcing each team of artists to re-think their work and how to transform it to fit into a different exhibition venue.

Many of the artists, as well as instructor Todd Bryant, were in attendance, and you can see interviews with two of the teams below.

Quest Kennelly, the artist behind Launch, describes his piece as a “love letter to a more simple age…of space exploration,” and said he was excited to give the piece new life with a new audience at the Media Center.

Artists Lisa Jamhoury and Aaron Parsekian, the creative team behind the interactive performance piece Threads, enjoyed the atmosphere that the Media Center’s gallery provides, saying, “it’s really nice to just see people be able to relax and take it in and have conversations about the piece. It’s a great experience.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have had the opportunity to show off such incredible work!



Our next exhibition, Temporal Topologies, opens tomorrow, May 4th with an opening reception from 6-8pm. Free wine and beer will be served, with artists in attendance!