Culture Shift Lab 2017 Recap (VIDEO)

What defines a great leader? What can you do to maximize your potential as a leader? We set out to answer those questions (and more!) by hosting a day of experiential learning with some of our favorite instructors and partner organizations. 

Our Culture Shift Lab – a full day of workshops and experiences designed to help team leaders define their leadership style – set out to instill in all participants the tools foster creativity and introduce positive, effective change within their own teams and organizations.

More than 30 enthusiastic attendees from 26 different companies participated in a variety of experiential workshops through a lens focused on self-leadership and team building. These qualities are the keys to refining and perfecting a leader’s cooperative mindset, with teamwork and collaboration acting as the leader’s most precious resources. Each workshop was dedicated to practical strategies with the goal of helping everyone maximize the effectiveness with which they tackle the toughest workplace challenges. 

Some of the highlight throughout the day included Median’s Sandwich Lab, a group activity where teams worked together to build sandwiches for one another despite imposed obstacles, such as blinders and cardboard mittens. Other workshops featured brainstorming sessions, blindfolds, Legos, and more. 

“We each have a perspective on any given moment or interaction,” explained workshop leader Amie Jean, Executive Coach and Sustainable Leadership Consultant “and when you learn how to identify it clearly in others, you start to gain control.”

ClassWork instructor Lisa Pertoso found the experience illuminating: “I love coming to things like this and seeing what new tools I can learn.”

After the day’s workshops, lab participant Jake Kelsey understood that, “you’re never going to reach a point where you know everything, where you’re the best leader…it’s a continual workshop about yourself.”

Watch the recap video here: