2016 Annual Report

Results that shape our city’s media landscape.

Now more than ever, the media and technology landscape of our city is creating vibrant opportunities. From new virtual reality worlds and crowdsourcing and content platforms, to interactive apps and comics that come with a cookie. We are proud to, not only be witness of this technological development, but to also be part of nurturing and strengthening a diverse community of talented creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs. In our latest annual report you will find the following discoveries:

– Our members raised over $2.5 million
– We incubated 110 companies
– Over 218 members served during our bi-annual Demo Day
– Over 4,193 event attendees
– We produced 257 events
– We provided 32 fellowships and grants
– 53% of our members live in Brooklyn
– Our experts in residence included leaders from IFP, POV, Vimeo, Youtube and RokoLabs

Find out more and download the full report here.