Month: July 2016

Media Center Member Story: Olivia Koski, Founder of Guerilla Science.

Olivia’s making business happen.

Olivia’s making business happen here at the Media Center. Her startup, Guerilla Science, brings art and science together to create beautiful experiences and art installations that entertain, inspire, challenge and amaze. Olivia joined the Made in NY Media Center by IFP community in 2015 and quickly became an active part of our programs. She first…

Media Center Member Stories: Alex Libby, CEO of ProductionPro.

Alex’s making projects happen.

Alex’s making projects happen here at the Media Center. His platform, ProductionPro, is changing the way film, theater, and television creators collaborate. ProductionPro lets both professionals and amateurs visually assemble all of a production’s moving parts into one dynamic platform. Alex came to Dumbo for the Media Center and has since made a splash in…

2016 Annual Report

Results that shape our city’s media landscape.

Now more than ever, the media and technology landscape of our city is creating vibrant opportunities. From new virtual reality worlds and crowdsourcing and content platforms, to interactive apps and comics that come with a cookie. We are proud to, not only be witness of this technological development, but to also be part of nurturing…