Smart Social Media for New Businesses

By Anthony Nigro

Once a prospective new business owner has fully and safely developed their idea, insulated themselves from liability through a proper entity, and protected their brand through trademarks/copyrights/patents, then it’s probably time to really think about how to use social media to their best advantage. In fact, it is always time to think about social media from the very inception of the business. Through social media the brand of the business will evolve with every post, like, tweet, or pin. That evolution will result in a successful, money- making business or a “learning experience” for the last year of your life.

For example: you have an idea for a video production company, and have found the perfect name. What’s your very first move? Before I would buy the .com, I advise my clients to speed type their way to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to acquire a catchy handle that works well with their business. Even if they won’t use it, it’s now theirs. This is a cost free measure that insulates a positive appearance. In my mind, this is the first step toward building a successful brand that can easily be overlooked or not acted upon quickly enough. If you really need to buy a .com you can always do that from a squatter, and if that person truly is a cybersquatter, we have ways to deal with them – think Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. But a twitter handle is a different beast , and going through the motions for every social media outlet can take a very long time, unless you have a trademark before the account was created.

Social media is an ever-expanding word that has already revolutionized the advertising industry while putting the ability for a small to medium business to gain serious exposure without a large budget. That’s not to say that it is easy, because it isn’t. It’s hard work painting your business into the message you want it to convey. The secret? No secret: it takes serious planning, thought, creativity and time. Should you be on Twitter? Will Pinterest help you increase sales or paint you in a negative light? Does your Facebook account really show what your business stands for? Will Yelp work for you? Why don’t you show up in the Why don’t any of your videos go viral?

Come listen to me talk and pose me a few questions yourself on May 19th. See you there!


Anthony Nigro is a graduate of Fordham University and Pace Law School, cum laude. While in law school he was an editor on law review and a recipient of the University Merit Scholarship. He splits his time between trusts and estate issues and his passion – helping small businesses reach their full potential from company formation to trademark guidance. When working with small businesses he considers it his duty to give candid advice, whether you want to hear it or not, because your success is important to him.


Tuesday, May 19 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP