POV Hackathon 8: Explore the Prototypes and the Technology

by POV Staff

Re-open a 1970s murder case through a “serialized, true-crime narrative” by swiping your mobile device; Pick a date when you lost a loved one to explore “real-time conversations” about joy and sadness; Do a “Google News search” to find out what African American men are saying about that topic; Discover the deeper meanings of “gender representations of emotion” in your favorite movies.

Since 2012, POV has brought together visionary filmmakers and inventive technologists to “re-imagine the documentary for web” in a single weekend. The eighth edition of our non-fiction lab, POV Hackathon has concluded… Now, spend some time exploring what four teams of hackers — most of whom had never met before participating — created in just one weekend at the Made in New York Media Center by IFP in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

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POV Staff
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