Crafting a DIY Podcast

By Andrew Jupin, Film Programmer/Professor

Podcasting is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing entertainment mediums, so much so that you will actually hear people talking about the podcasting “industry”. As the new ‘hip’ format for makers, it’s inspired thousands of people, both professional and amateur, to grab their microphones and record themselves talking. Whether it’s for comedy, storytelling, journalism or simply reading things the host finds on the Internet (that’s a real show), places like iTunes are flooded with thousands of new shows every week. But as the “Wild West” days of podcasting are coming to a close and the medium is looking to be taken more seriously in the eyes of makers and media professionals alike, it’s important to know how to produce content that will help your show rise above the sea of endless chatter. Much like filmmaking after the advent of affordable digital video — that saw a huge uptick in people making their own, mostly amateur films — now everyone has a podcast, and nothing is more crucial than finding ways for your show to stand out in order to build yourself an audience. It’s also important to be able to create a show that, while still being funny, thought-provoking and entertaining, is also listenable. Through this workshop, I hope to impart some of the knowledge (read: tips, tricks, workarounds) I’ve learned over the last five years as the host of the We Hate Movies podcast to help assist the next wave of podcasters on their journey through the airwaves.

I’m currently a Film Programmer at the Jacob Burns Film Center, where I’ve worked since 2006. I’m also an adjunct professor in the school of Film and Media Studies at Purchase College. Since 2010 I’ve been the host and producer of the We Hate Movies podcast, as well as a producer with the Private Cabin comedy arts collective.