Production Suite

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP’s Production Suite D is your source for high-powered graphics processing and an array of audio and visual production and editing tools.

The Production Suite is equipped with a powerful HP Z820 Workstation, a 27” HPZ27i LED monitor, a 27” HP DreamColor Z27x Professional Display monitor (perfect for color-sensitive work), an Nvidia Quadro K6000 video card, and M-Audio speakers. The workstation is packed with the latest creative software including the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite, AutoCAD, Maya, Pro Tools Express, Avid Media Composer, and more.

To use Production Suite D, incubator members may reserve in increments of one six-hour block per weekday and for seven hours on weekend days, up to a maximum of ten times per month. Just go to your member dashboard, then go to the “Room Reservations” tab and click on “Production Suite” to reserve a time slot. You must reserve in advance, and will be required to check in and leave a photo ID with the front desk at the time of your reservation in order to get access to Production Suite D.