Playmatics at Media Center Demo Day

by Margaret Wallace, CEO, Playmatics

Demo Day is a flagship program for Made in NY Media Center by IFP members to showcase their work — and Playmatics was keen to take part. Even though we are well-established and have successfully raised several types of investment — ranging from venture capital, angel investment, grants and joint venture partnerships — we were eager to be matched with advisors who helped us to refine our vision. At this 2nd annual Media Center Demo Day event, Playmatics took home the Audience Choice award for its work with brands using the PlayComix platform.

Playcomix is a graphic adventure gaming engine that provides brands with cross-platform apps for episodic and one-off content — the perfect way to launch new properties or extend the life of existing brands and licenses. Uniting people, brands, lifestyles, experiences in meaningful ways through story is made easy using PlayComix. Because PlayComix is completely cross-platform, the cost and time of porting is affordable and scalable.

At its very foundation, Playmatics represents the embodiment of a home-grown New York City start-up: Founded in 2009, by Nicholas Fortugno and Margaret Wallace, Playmatics uniquely occupies the intersection of technology and storytelling. The company creates games, digital and real-world experiences for everything ranging from large consumer brands to original interactive properties. Playmatics also specializes on establishing and expanding brands by combining the power of storytelling with evocative design thinking.

The Media Center Demo Day Audience Choice award is its most recent recognition in a steady stream of honors for its founders and products. Playmatics was part of the team that won two MUSE Awards, including the Jim Blackaby Ingenuity prize, for David Cronenberg’s Body/Mind /Change. Also, “Breaking Bad: The Interrogation”a graphic adventure game — won a prestigious CableFAX award. Playmatics Chief Executive Officer, Margaret Wallace, was recently named by Fortune one of “10 Most Powerful Women in Games” and in 2012 Forbes listed her as one of “Twelve Women in Gaming to Watch.”

Media Center Demo Day was an unforgettable and invaluable experience. We learned a lot from our colleagues and our advisors.