How To Turn Your Ideas Into A Reality

by Adam Rapillo, Graphic Designer

On the evening of December 18th I attended a Design Thinking Crash Course about taking an idea you are working on and bringing it out into the open. Specifically, we were taught how our ideas should be shaped by a need in the world. Writing down our ideas and following the step-by-step “toolbox” of problem solving helped us understand how to achieve our idea into a reality. The class was a community effort, which is important in helping to refine ideas- by getting each other’s critical input. I walked away with a clearer understanding of how to get my ideas into motion.

To sum it up:

• Identifying a need and bringing an idea you have to life to address it.
• Sculpting your idea by applying critical input to make it more accessible to your audience.
• Taking your idea through phases in the session to build upon it.


Adam Rapillo has become an invaluable asset to the Made in NY Media Center by IFP’s marketing team. Adam is a reliable, dedicated, and hardworking graphic designer who consistently goes above and beyond the basic guidelines. His proactive approach to tackling new challenges is just one of his many assets. Adam not only performs impeccable research, his open-mindedness also allows him to extrapolate the raw ideas of others. These qualities have proven him to be a true team player. Throughout Adam’s time at the Media Center, he has responded to creative briefs with detailed timelines, developed concepts for collateral, designed collateral, and incorporated feedback on collateral. He has designed print ads for Filmmaker Magazine, informational slides for events in our theater, promotional flyers for events and classes, and branded images for social media, all while working within specific style guidelines. Based on his performance at the Media Center, he would be a vital asset to any company.

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