8 Marketing and Sales Tips for the Growth of Your Company

by John Matson, Sales & Marketing Manager, Made in NY Media Center by IFP

In the last year, Namely has grown into a force to be reckoned with in the HR platform space. As part of the Squarespace Series, “You’re in Good Company,” on January 22, 2015, Chris Flores, Head of Inside Sales, and Nick Christman, Marketing Director, of Namely presented at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP on how they utilized sales and marketing to fuel their rapid growth in 2014. During the presentation, Nick and Chris unveiled some of the ingredients that go into Namely’s marketing and sales magic formula for company and profit growth. Here are 8 key takeaways:

1. Know EVERYTHING you can about your customer

Chris and his team of Sales Development Reps (SDRs) built a distinct buyer profile for their target market based on their outbound sales interactions. This allowed the marketing team to run more accurate targeted campaigns and give the sales team better qualified inbound leads in the future.

2. Cold-calling is NOT dead!

Many would argue that cold-calling is unnecessary given the modern technology available to target your consumer. But what if you don’t truly know your consumer? Not only did outbound sales build the buyer profile for the marketing team to create inbound leads, it doubled the sales conversion by creating outbound leads.

3. Automate and track you sales process

There is plethora of sales software platforms available that allow you to track your sales interactions. Test out as many as you can and pick one that makes sense for your team.

4. Build a culture of transparency and fun competition

Show your sales team how they are doing by keeping a leaderboard, and give them rewards for working hard and going the extra distance to close that sale.

1. Use paid distribution that works for you

Namely tried multiple pay-per-click (PPC) options (Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and Facebook), but found that LinkedIn had the lowest cost-per-conversion (CPC). Utilize the lead generation channels where you are finding the most success for the least cost.

2. Take risks with advertising, but be smart

Namely launched a risky out-of-home, public transportation advertising campaign by building relationships with vendors in their geographic target markets and buying placement when it was at its most affordable level.

3. Find your own way to becoming a thought leader

The marketing team at Namely did content marketing “backwards.” Instead of creating great content and pushing for thought leadership by joining the industry conversation, they utilized digital PR and had content written by credible third party sources, such as Entrepreneur and HR Magazine.

4. Be a presence in your industry

The Namely team made it a point to be at every relevant HR related conference and event in their target markets with a booth that represented their positioning statement. This helped them build a connection with their consumer and also aligned with the credibility they gained by being on all the out-of-home advertising spots around town.

Namely has grown substantially since last year, and built a great team and process to manage its growth. No doubt they will continue to grow and provide their consumers with the great service they have come to be known for.