The Made in NY Media Center by IFP’s Second Demo Day!

A flagship program of the Media Center’s Incubator residency, this event provides a spotlight on our incubating companies working at the intersection of storytelling and technology.

In celebration of our 1st Anniversary, we hosted a successful Demo Day celebrating the innovative companies working in our incubator program. This was a fruitful experience for all and introduced some exciting new entrepreneurs working in Brooklyn.

Erin Griffith, senior writer, at Fortune moderated the event with a panel consisting of Tom Constabile, Associate Director, Corporate Strategy and Development, Verizon Ventures, and Barin Nahvi Rovzar, Executive Director, R&D and Strategy, Hearst Corporation.

Moderator_Panelists (670 x 443)


Tristan Snell // Snakt

Snakt (670 x 443)

Snakt is a mobile-first social video platform. Users can shoot or upload video clips of up to 7 seconds, which can then be stacked into longer clips others can grab, remix, and share, creating endless mash- ups and super- cuts, through a revolutionary media tool that’s powerful and easy to use.

Nushin Rashidian & Alyson Martin // Cannabis Wire

Cannabis Wire (670 x 443)

Cannabis Wire is a single-subject news site that aims to simplify the complexities of cannabis legalization through highly visual and interactive data driven projects and games. Using the reporting for their book A New Leaf: The End of Cannabis Prohibition to launch Cannabis Wire, they believe that site that mixes engaging games and accessible visuals with data and analysis can engage the broader public on a policy issue that deserves critical attention.

Nick Fortugno // Playmatics

Playmatics (670 x 443)

Playmatics are the creators of award-winning games, digital objects, and real-world experiences. Playmatics built PlayComix as an extension of the work they did on a number of titles for the AMC shows Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. It is a cross-platform storytelling engine designed to create cutting-edge interactive digital comics.

Patricia Rodriguez Zablah // Hack it Back

Hack it Back (670 x 443)

Hack It Back is an organization focusing on fostering gender equality in the media through education and collaboration. Women and girls are brought together through workshops, where they create their own new media that shows more accurate representations of women and girls. Hack It Back prepares participants to be great, confident leaders by empowering them to strengthen and spread their own voice, through whichever medium they choose. The participants work with the different tools they already know- whether analog and digital- and learn new ones through project-based learning. Skills used in the past have ranged from film shooting and editing, photography and coding to drawing and writing. Hack It Back is powerful because it changes what you see, offering a lot more possibilities for what you can be.

David Carroll // (670 x 443) lets you easily find the best premium digital content for free on any device, no logins required. The platform unbundles massive publisher archives for the Web by surfacing articles in a visual and relational discovery experience. launches a public beta on September 19 with digital content from Hearst and another major publisher to test market fit while addressing the immediate challenges of the publishing industry as it moves toward digital distribution. currently features content from Cosmopolitan, Elle, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s BAZAAR, and many others.


Following the Pitch Panel, investors, brand agencies, and foundations that are in a position to invest, mentor, or collaborate were provided an opportunity to meet 30 other incubator members featuring their work in our Marketplace.

Marketplace A (670 x 443) Marketplace B (670 x 443)

ACCEDO delivers the future TV application experience, regardless of device or application. Accedo has deployed more than 1000 applications on more than 40 different platforms, reaching more than 100 million households.

AEON MEDIA is a media and technology company focused on ideas and culture, committed to exploring the intersection between high-quality content, technology and community.

ASIAN CINEVISION was founded in 1975 and is a New York based non-profit media arts organization whose mission is to develop, exhibit, promote and preserve media expressions by and about people of Asian decent.

AUTOMATIC STUDIOS is an interactive community where kids, 3rd – 8th grades, collaborate, engage in and learn the art and technical skills of moviemaking.

BRIDGE AGENCY specializes in identifying and utilizing the “linking” factors between brands and consumers. We execute engaging campaigns utilizing custom content, experiential marketing and social media designed to create an ongoing dialogue with targeted consumers.

CULTURE CRATE Support artistic ventures, donate to charity, and discover new and under-appreciated musicians, artists, and writers at Culture Crate, a pay-what-you-can bundle of awesome content.

DIMITRY A compelling story of a conflicted Ukrainian transgender who undergoes surgery to change into a woman, yet maintains the persona of a gun and motorcycle-obsessed man hoping to fight along with the Russians against the Ukraine separatists.

DISCOVER THE JOURNEY creates adaptable media solutions to solve the most pressing social issues in our world today.

ENGINE78 is a collective of passionate storytellers that use words, photography, film and technology to produce engaging content and experiences for brands to connect with consumers.

ETC UNITE is our technology platform that brings to the world of collective bargaining an unparalleled level data analytics & real time collaboration.

FOREVER BETA is a creative and innovation company. Combining the structure & process of an advertising agency with principles and models from the tech/start up world to arm our clients with solutions for today, whilst forever planning for tomorrow.

GIANT FILMS EDITORIAL is an Original Branded Content Company. We tell stories for the biggest names in high-end advertising, Network Television & Corporate clients.

THE GLOBAL FILM COLLECTIVE is a collaborative engagement of documentary film projects that shares resources, content and a multitude of perspectives.

KAM.IO is the leading branded image co-creation platform for publishers and content marketers. Proven engagement that delivers millions of high value connections for brands like The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black and Sharknado.

LARVA LABS is a small, focused mobile software company. They target Android, the largest consumer operating system in the world, where they are working to improve the design and user experience of the platform.

NARRATIVELY is a storytelling platform that looks beyond the news headlines and focuses on powerful and untold human stories from across the globe.

ORIGINAL ORIGINAL FILMS develops custom technologies that uniquely integrate narrative and presentation.

SID & MARA is a feature script about two sisters traveling through India on a spiritual pilgrimage.

PLOTPOINT is an NYC company that specializes in branded content, commercials, visual communication strategy and premium serialized fiction origins.

RATTAPALLAX is a not-for-profit organization focused on the intersection of literature, new media and issues of globalization.

RICHARD CAREY DIGITAL MEDIA LLC is a growing educational simulation and game-based learning company on a mission to make people smarter through serious play.

STORYTOUR is an in-person magazine bringing its audience offline to experience fiction and nonfiction stories firsthand through on location storytelling.

SURF LABS is focused on developing LiNK – a hyper-proximity mobile app-based platform for professional networking and event data analytics.

TELEVISION is a boutique video production company specializing in feature film and commercial video with distinct emphasis on the cutting-edge.

THE TRIALS OF SPRING is a groundbreaking multimedia documentary about the role of women in the Arab uprisings and their aftermath.

THRIVE is a video-based marketplace for local experiences including fashion, music, travel and events.

THU TRAN is an artist who makes video/interactive installation art. Come play newly developed game, Pasta Shooter, which has been powered by HP Z Workstation technology. The quirky video game is an interactive 3D first person shooter where you shoot pasta into hungry people’s mouths.

TOXIC BABY is the world’s first interactive documentary app for the iPad, a project by Penelope Jagessar Chaffer the first black female director to be nominated for a British Academy Award.

TRESENSA is a NYC-based native marketing platform for mobile that leverages branded “tap and play” mobile web games to connect brands with their target audiences at scale.

VOILÀ Have you ever had difficulty choosing the right outfit? Voilà app helps you get instant feedback on your outfit from our fashion stylists.


Playmatics Audience Award (670 x 443)

Playmatics, a gaming and digital media start-up, picked up the award for audience favorite for its ground-breaking work in narrative-driven digital experiences – including games created using its proprietary comic games platform, PlayComix.

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