Calling All Content Makers!

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP will be celebrating our first anniversary in October, 2014. In honor of this occasion, we will be showcasing the efforts of you, our Members, with an exhibition of your work.

Made in NY Media Center by IFP
First Anniversary Celebration and Member Art Exhibit
October 1-31, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 2, 6-9pm

Member work will be shown throughout the Media Arts Gallery – on the Media Wall, 360-degree Projection, Chalk Walls, and, on select evenings, in the Theater. The Opening Reception will coincide with the DUMBO First Thursday Gallery Walk (October 2), a free and public tour of the DUMBO galleries. The show will conclude with the Demo Day + Marketplace VIP reception on October 29.

This program will run through the end of October, and provides a great opportunity to get your creations seen by everyone who comes through the Media Center.

Applications are open to all Media Center members, past & present, and are due September 5!

Eligibility & Criteria
Media Center Members of any level and artists-in-residence, past and present, are encouraged to submit artistic and creative work to be shown in the space. The goal of this exhibit is to present a survey of the myriad works being created at the Media Center, which we know is not usually a traditional fine art practice. Non-traditional exhibits are welcome!

Primarily, we are seeking digital media work to be exhibited in the Media Arts Gallery – silent video, digital photo, projection mapping, animated gifs, digital art, data mapping, animation, short films or film excepts of less than 15 minutes, etc. The Media Arts Gallery excels at exhibiting digital work; as such, sculpture, painting, drawing, prints, performance, & other 3D works are sometimes difficult to display in the Center. Well-conceived exceptions will be considered. We are also seeking submissions of original drawings for the chalk walls.

We endeavor to include as many Members as possible in this show!

All applications must be submitted via email to Abe Mahdi, Operations & Programs Coordinator, by midnight ET on September 5, 2014.
All submitters will be notified of acceptance status by September 12, 2014.

Submission Requirements
Artists should submit:
-Work sample consisting of all or part of the proposed project (5-20 stills, video work of up to 15 minutes, etc.). Work samples must be contained within one file – a single pdf, a link, etc. Please do not submit images at full resolution for projection at this time.
-Below Application Details

Artists wanting to submit more than one project for consideration should submit one application for each project.

Application Details
Artist’s Information
– Artist name(s) & role on project / key crew credits
– Artist / key crew Bio(s) (100 words max per person)
– Artist Website and/or project-specific website
– Artist or Project social media handles (optional)
– Media Center Member name(s) & role on project

Project Information
– Title of the project
– Description of project (500 words max)
– Does the submission represent a sample or the entire work? Please elaborate on how this is different/the
same from what you want to show at the Media Center.
– Original Medium
– Exhibition Format
– Date of Completion
– Dates and locations of any past exhibitions of the work
– Is sound required for the installation? Does the work make sound?
– Intended exhibition space within Media Center (Media Wall (1, 2 or all 3 channels?), 360’ Projection
(all or part?), in theater, chalk wall, elsewhere: be specific)

Technical Specifications for the Media Center
Media Wall:
A three-channel wall of HD monitors that can be linked to show one continuous image, or three separate images. The Media Wall is not currently set up for sound.
Here’s a tip: color really pops on the monitors; so the more colorful, the better.

– The total resolution is 5760×1080, arranged in 3 banks of 9 monitors each. Each monitor bank has a
resolution of 1920×1080 each.
– Upon acceptance into the show, all videos should be delivered with the H.264 codec inside of a .mp4
wrapper at a 9 MB/s data rate
– For still photographs, a collection of at least 10-15 images should be submitted.

360-Degree Projection:
7 projectors can be mapped to project a continuous image on the outside of the theater, or up to 5 individual images. Projection is controlled by WatchOut video management software. Total resolution is 9024×800.
Here’s a tip: camera movement appears exaggerated & disorienting on a space this large. Video work should ideally be without camera movement to show best on the 360’.

– The total resolution is 9024×800, split into five pieces: four 2000×800 pieces and one 1024×800 piece.
– All files should be delivered with the same codec, wrapper, and data rate as the Media Wall.

*We also have a monitor, so smaller installations for our Flex-Space will be considered as well. These should be .mp4 files with a resolution of 1920×1080.

Contact: Abe Mahdi, Operations & Programs Coordinator: or Rose Vincelli Gustine, Sr. Programs Producer:

We look forward to reviewing your submissions and sharing your work with the greater community.