Grade school entrepreneurs brainstorm big ideas in DUMBO

Students from P.S. 307 will takes lessons from a panel of Brooklyn-based innovators and turn them into their own concepts during the Big Idea Week.

This article was originally published by the Daily News.

Now, this is a real startup.

A group of Brooklyn fourth graders will play entrepreneur this week with help from an array of DUMBO innovators — people who make thermoelectric camp stoves, click-magnet YouTube sportscasts and massive solar-powered cell phone chargers.

“I promise you, your heads are full of big ideas,” Flocabulary co-founder Alex Rappaport told about 40 students from nearby Public School 307.

The program, called Big Idea Week, pushes the young inventors to dream up the latest, greatest innovations, and these kids are up to the task.

A trio of fifth graders, Jaylin Francois, Angelina DiLone and Hannah Hamilton, came up with a PillowKet — a combination pillow and blanket — during the inaugural Big Idea Week in 2013.

A DUMBO-based company, Maker’s Row, unveiled a prototype of the snuggly invention on Monday in the chic confines of the Made in NY Media Center by IFP.

“No problem is too small,” Rappaport told the students. “Every problem is an opportunity.”

A panel of entrepreneurs and inventors who call Brooklyn home walked the students through the process of shepherding an idea from the germinal stages to a concept, with drawings and crude models, to a finished product.

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