Dash is Like a Fitbit For Your Car

Dash automatically tracks data about your driving habits and your car's wear and tear to keep you safe, and save you money.

This article was originally published by Mashable.

Edis described Dash as being like a “Fitbit for cars,” and said it aims to help people drive more safely through real-time feedback, and to better track the wear and tear on their car, so they know when to bring it in for repairs. Dash is also incorporating social features, so drivers can share details about road trips they may take.

“We are regular everyday drivers, and we are buiding a product for regular everyday drivers,” Edis said. “This is not meant to be a nichey gear-head thing.”

Edis and co-founder Brian Langel previously worked at HBO — Edis as a vice-president of research and development, Langel as an engineer — where they were part of the HBO Go team. They started working on Dash a year ago, and raised $200,000 in outside investment. Edis said the startup is now in the process of raising a seven-figure round, with about 50% committed so far. The startup now counts Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley as an advisor.

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