This Man Thinks Your Child Could Be The Next Mark Zuckerberg

Pushing children to unleash their business creatively is largely neglected by the school system.

This article was originally posted on PIP AND PEA.

Meet Reuben Steiger. He’s a charismatic, smartly suited, archetypal silver fox. And he happens to think your little one might just be the next A-list entrepreneur; a budding Bill Gates, the next generation Tory Burch or perhaps Mark Cuban in training.

Steiger – who’s a serial entrepreneur himself (Linden Lab, Millions of Us and Virtual Greats all lay in his wake) – is the founder of 8 And Up, an educational program designed to change the way kids think about their own potential. The concept is simple: armed with a $50 budget, children meet over the course of six weeks and by the end, they have a product they invented that they sell.

Inventions range from cute Etsy-style Sorigami (a scent-filled pack of origami paper) and MoneyBags, a wallet made up of three pouches marked ‘Spending’, ‘Saving’ and ‘Charity’ that helps kids categorize their allowance to the multi-purpose Rock, Paper, Scissors shirt, a game and apparel all-in-one which looks like it’s going to get some serious funding.

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